Students donate 1296 packets of blood to MBTS

Malawi Blood Transfusion

Secondary school students across the northern region last week donated about 1,296 packets of blood during the national blood donation week, nearly meeting a Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) target.

Confirming the development to the local press, northern region publicist for MBTS, Mphatso Bazali, said despite not meeting the target of 2200 packets of blood, students have tried their best in helping to save lives of people who will likely need blood this coming festive season.

Malawi Blood Transfusion
Blood donated. (Google images.

He went on to blame the deficit on some people who usually havefears to donate blood for reasons known to themselves.

“Some fear donating blood for unspecified reasons that’s why maybe we have the deficit on our collections this week but we believe what we have managed to collect from these students will help a lot in saving lives of people who will likely need blood this Christmas time,” said Bazali.

He added that the students can still continue to donate blood in MBTS service centres which will be operational throughout.

“Going to holiday doesn’t mean they cannot continue donating blood. Our offices will be open throughout thus they may be coming to donate,” he added.

On a sad note, Malawi24 understands that in the history of blood donation in the country, parents and other eligible people have been not been donating blood.

Only students have since proved to be the regular donors, according to MBTS statistics. In an interview with some of the people who are eligible but do not donate, they gave varied reasons such as religious beliefs and vehement mistrust in MBTS.

“I don’t trust MBTS thus very difficult for me to donate blood through them. Almost every time we go to hospitals they tell us there is no blood. Where do they keep the blood they collect from people almost every day?” wondered Daniel Nkhowani.

A Jehovah’s Witness church member emphatically admitted that his faith restricts him from donating or receiving blood and he doubts if he will ever donate blood.

Commenting on such ideologies, Bazali assumed that people with such mind-sets either lack proper information on the concept of donating blood to save lives or they have not seen a person desperately requiring blood for survival.

He said: “Some do not have much information on the whole concept of blood donation thus they have some fears. Once they will be aware of the importance of donating, they will no longer have such negative feelings.”



  1. If they are doing business with private hospitals it doesnt matter. Unless that hospital is full of vampires. That blood will save people and thats what counts

  2. only God knws abt my life,,,i hate MBTS because they have created a business of selling blood

  3. Bravo to those students, I was once a blood donor in my school time. The issue isn’t sobo or fanta but love for others thus offering help.
    On a different note though, does it mean that blood is only released upon calling the organisation and production of a donor’s card? If so then the name donor doesn’t hold, choose another one. A donation is supposed to benefit anyone in need.
    The issue of MTBS selling blood isn’t an issue at all. You give and forget, everything else will take care of itself.

  4. I hate MBTS they sell the blood to private hospitals while our poor brothers n sisters are dying in public hospitals due to lack of blood. I was one of the donors koma ndinaitutumuka

  5. ignorants…thats y u will die the same…resistance to change will always bring us down…my aunt got saved coz of the same blood jx went their with my card and blood was released 4 her….enanu mukusalira…shearing blood is sacred u will die u dinarsoulrs

  6. Bravo Students! Doesn’t matter whether they sale it to private hospitals or not, but the bottom line remains that wherever that blood will be used will save someone’s life.

  7. 2month ago my son was in hospital and he was indeed ineed of blood as blood donor i showed the medical officials membership card then the called organisation team and the blood was supplied right if there is misuse of blood its there own crime to GOD but sometimes they do help as ihave experienced in the past two month

  8. MBTS is totally stupid healthy organization that practice corruption in blood transfusion. For sure I can’t donate blood to this group.

  9. exchanging blood with sobo. hahahahahahahaha wake up guys.they earn the living via your blood. coz when you donate blood they sell it to private the hospitals

  10. 1 Day I Askd Dem That If Am Hiv Positve Therefor My Blood Wll B Usd.Sanayankhe,and Many Pple They Dnt Donate Blood Coz Mumagulitsad

  11. I Donate They Sell, Why? Thats NOt Fair… We Donors Muzitigula Nafe,, Mkamakagulitsa Ifenso Zisamatipweteke..

  12. MBTS is a bunch of corrupt lads. Why do they sell blood that has bn donated? That is corruption n I wl launch a complaint with the govt affiliated ACB.

  13. why not pa central region mufuna muwakometse aku Northen kodi…

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