Escom strike ignites controversy

Escom Malawi load-shedding

The Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) has reversed its stand on the Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (Escom) Staff Union strike and now supports the Escom workers for the industrial strike expected to start from December 1, 2015.

Escom Malawi load-shedding
ESCOM workers downing tools

Earlier, MCTU condemned the strike arguing that it was “illegal” due to lack of valid reasons for putting down tools. MCTU President Muwake Chauluka said the union is now supporting the strike arguing that management must address the staff union on the matter.

“I was with the general secretary of the staff union, he briefed me about the reasons for strike and we see that the management is to be blamed for failing to address issues raised by the staff of Escom. And from the look of things, government is not to be blamed but top management of Escom,” said Chauluka.

Malawi Government disclosed that it will disband Escom into two to ensure effective supply of electricity in the country.

In reaction to the proposed split, ESCOM staff union has demanded government to assure them of their jobs once the supplier has been disbanded.

Additional reporting by Vitoria Milanzi



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