Malawi Government fails to pay water bills at Zomba Central Hospital


As public hospitals in Malawi continue to dance to undying economic woes the country is sailing through, fresh reports show that the  Southern Region Water Board has disconnected water at Zomba Central Hospital due to a staggering K6 million unpaid bill, putting pressure on patients and guardians.

Southern Region Water Board publicist MacDonald Phiri has since confirmed the development.

He says the water was disconnected at the hospital on Thursday.

He said talks between the water utility body and the hospital administration were going on in order to restore the water.

Hospital workers said labor ward and the theatre have been hit hard by the disconnection and they did not rule out suspension of the facilities if the water is not reconnected.

Zomba Central Hospital

Zomba Central Hospital: Under threat.

Reports from the hospital say guardians are now drawing water from nearby water sources in pales whilst others have resorted to unprotected water from a river.

The water utility disconnected the water as health workers in Lilongwe, Dowa and, Dedza marched peacefully to demand increased funding for the public health sector.

In Lilongwe, the doctors, nurses and other health workers presented a petition to Parliament’s Health Committee chairperson Juliana Lunguzi who promised to lobby for increased funding.

Just a few weeks ago, Malawi24 reported that the well being of some Malawians admitted in different government hospitals in the central part of Malawi remained under threat as media reports indicate that Dedza, Balaka, Chiradzulu and Ntcheu district hospitals have been hit with an acute shortage of food.

Recently,local media reported that the said hospitals are failing to provide for meals on a regular basis to people admitted there, a development that has raised much fears among guardians whose poor family members largely depend on food provided by the hospitals as the medication they receive requires regular eating patterns.

Due to overcrowding in government hospitals, people usually survive on a single meal a day with some complaining that even the quantity of the food provided is not sufficient to meet the demands of their drugs.

Commenting on the situation, the Malawi government insist that problems rocking the health sector and other public services are as a result of the plunder and looting of government’s resources in the infamous Cashgate under the watch of former President Joyce Banda.

However, the government has so far assured Malawians that it is doing all it can to ensure that quality health and other social services are provided to all Malawians.




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  2. The headline shud have read “Zomba Central Hospital fails to pay water bills at Zomba Central Hospital” the utility bills are not paid by Malawi Government. #PoorJournalism #idiots. Thats why Mulli amapereka ma mphudzo

  3. Here it clearly shows that, as a nation, our priorities are in reverse order. Are we surprised? If a father can afford luxurious life, wolembedwa ntchito nawo ndiye angatani.

  4. the bigboss once said d@ he ws oredy amilionaire when attaining di seat,why didnt he jst tek & donate di portion of his wealth to leave alegancy in malawi!

  5. Hw much personal cash does the president hav for failing to fund the hospital with common 6 million?the truth is that our president is a beast.

  6. Kuteroku zinthu zikamavuta mudziko tiyenera kulimbana ndi mtsogoleri kumene,inu mukuti bwa?vuto losankha atsogoleri a satanic mulungu akutilangira limodzi

  7. Does the president pay water bills for hospitals, you fools? Those are comments from checken hearted people like you, guys. Do you want to tell me that the DHO of zimba central hospital is clean of this mess? Does treasury release special funding for water and electricity bills in govt hospitals? This means another cashgate by DHOs in public hospitals. If you check closely, you will find that these DHOs are busy building mansions somewhere. Think before commenting

  8. BRAVO SRWB!!! Teach this idiot’s govt a lesson. Pano akulephera kubweza Ndalama za Thyolo Teachers Sacco za Sept, Oct and Nov. Ntchito kubwebweta mmisonkhano yopanda phindu. He is Gud @ spending money on useless things. Professor my foot!!

  9. So hu shud b blamed? The president?/ the minister of health?/ zomba DHO / akuluakulu oyendesa ntchito zapa chipatalapo…. Amene mwachita post ndi amene mwapanga kale comment on the post answer me pliz I want to know

    • baba mavuto salephela olo mnyumba mwanu, this issue sikumukhuza przdt directly. mwangokhala ndi mkwiyo chabe sankhani mbali yowina other wise mukhala mukukwiyabe

    • baba mavuto salephela olo mnyumba mwanu, this issue sikumukhuza przdt directly. mwangokhala ndi mkwiyo chabe sankhani mbali yowina other wise mukhala mukukwiyabe

  10. Let Almighty God Intervine Us. Coz President Can Fail, Ministers Can Fail, Escom Can Fail, Waterboard Can Fail, World Fails, Its Only GOD who never fail, trust HIM is ready to save us.

  11. Nice heading #Malawi24 but discouraging news because our govt affords to buy tickets for some say 50 people or 15 to travel abroad but fails to find funds to run hospitals. Is our govt really serious about cost cutting measures or justing playing games with us its citizens?

  12. Amalawi timakonda kulimbana ndi tsogoleli chifukwa chiyani any mistake kumunyoza president.moti mulimbane ndi nduna yowona za umoyo. koma amalawi ndife opepela bwanji, shame.

  13. We need people who have got spirit of wisdom in them from the LORD to lead this magnificent country to unveil the hidden treasures in our beloved country and Malawi will never be the same!!

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  15. Pompano tiyambanso kulipitsa ma bed madzi muzikatunga ku nsinje za ulesi basi anthu opusa munatiika pampando muzalamulira after 50years tifinye chithupysachi kaye

  16. SHAME ON U 4THE RULLING GVT,im really corcened abt this bcz water is life n’#ZOMBA central Hos is 1of the big Hos in sourthen region & there pipo also support #DPP gvt,iwish they could Cut in state House or Parlliament,bt MP’s they r’nt corcened abt this,ihope #PETER would do smtng b4 he tkn his 15 derigation 2abroad,Hope soon will happen,{#corcened Citizen}

  17. Koma mulomwe uyu aaaa ine nde wandikwana bwanj ,amenei nd galu wachabechabe ndithu eee munatenga kt magetsi akungothimathima ,aaa mulomwe sizthu

  18. It is an indication that confusion is setting in. You cannot close watertaps to a public health institution. It’s inhuman

  19. Chosecho tili nditsogoleri, ntchito yake manyado basi. ndalama kumangoona ndikupangitsa misonkhano yopanda phindu. satisunga iyu mr ibu