Five secondary students arrested in Nkhotakota


Malawi Police in Nkhotakota district have arrested four Bishop Mtekateka Private Secondary students and one from Linga Community Day Secondary School in the district for behaving violently following the suspension of a Bishop Mtekateka head boy over the use of an ipad.

According to Nkhotakota Police public relations officer, Williams Kaponda, the students went on a rampage after the school’s management suspended the head boy as he was trying to address his fellow students regarding an ipad which was destroyed by one of the teachers at the school.

“The school’s decision to suspend the head boy triggered anger among students and in solidarity with the head boy they went on rampage to seek management’s explanation on the suspension and several other suspensions given to students without justification,” said Kaponda.

ArrestedWhen contacted, Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Chairperson, Luka Matchiya, said as PTA they are still investigating the matter but was quick to say that no property has been damaged.

Meanwhile the school has been closed until Monday next week when students are expected to go with their parents.

According to the school’s rules and regulations, a student is not supposed to be found with a cellphone at the school. Police identified the arrested students as the head boy, Morton Mzumara (19) of Chinguluwe village in the area of traditional authority Kalonga in Salima, Brave Mbewe (20) of Kamange village in the area of traditional authority Malengachanzi and Mwai Kalozi (19) of Matiki village in the area of senior chief Kanyenda in Nkhotakota. The other two are minors and are aged 18 and 15.

This comes barely a few weeks after students from another private secondary school in the district also went on rampage and damaged the school’s property.




  1. makape inu makolo anu akuononga ndlama kut muphunzile koma mukupezeka mtimagulu toukila,ubwino wa skul muzauona akakuchotsan,ena pan akufuna mwai wa xul koma inu makape mukuusewelesa!zitsilu mxiiu!

  2. I’m jus concerned with the ages of the students,…nowadays still in secondary at 19, 20?….no wonder!

  3. phones are not allowed in most schools; but destroying them is again right violations luk they have suspend him but again destroying the phone very bad

  4. I guess thats a good move…scoope distinctions at the end ” MANEB EXAMS” and come ku poly thus the University you guys deserve and we call it solidality here….

  5. Amene atsutsana nazo ndi mbuzi, malamulo agwire ntchito basi bcz paliponse pamakhala malamulo ndipo ayenera kusatidwa!

  6. These studients of nowdays ve strange behaviours which even us parents cant control look now it has land them to police toomuch kusuta chamba infact expell them from school.

    1. Thanks sir am trying to be a good parent but my son is also stubon he scandled last week despite his case is a bit sencetive he back at home.

  7. oky dats my xool i was there in 2014 and there this teacher msini n damazio there r mostly acting lyk headteachers why

  8. By obeying xul rules boys are offenders, by destroying pad teacher has commit malicious damage. These xul regulations need reforms coz we are in INFORMATION AGE, wake up Malawi, munthu kufika ku university even email alibe, Ms office sakumudziwa including aphunzitsi, very shame Malawi. Our economy is poor because of ‘lacking Information Systems. How school ngati Lay can achieve competitive advantage theory when the running away from Information Systems

  9. If laws allow learners to bring ipad, cellphones etc during classes, they will not concentrate on what teacher may say. So this is not good to carry ipad during class time. The rules were there, now n so on. Everyone passed through these rules esp. those who went to school.

  10. Your fallng to arrest the pple tht killed #Isah Njaunji mukukalimbana ndi ana asukulu,,,,,,,,,, muzandpange ine mzaona mavwende anuoooooo

  11. they were showing royalty to their boss head boy…even ministers, mps, party supporters, church followers do this to their leaders…that’s Malawi. like sons like fathers.

  12. You see these are not good students or even good citizens to raise in a country in Malawi you are known to be a peaceful nation .We need good nationals if the school says no cellphones then children must follow automatically no excuse ,not to be so violent over the issue the decision which the school authority has taken must be followed period

    1. wısdom of God can make everybody to be rıch. nde aphunzıtsı ambırı sakhala ndı nzeru yochokera kwamulungo thats y anawatcha kutı amphawı

  13. You mean school prohibits use of ipads and related ICT gadgets @ school. What’s wrong with them? Still in dark age!!

  14. Kkkkkkk koma anawa bwanji unyolo ouyamba ku sukulu koma tikusuladi atsogoleri amawa? Headboy wanji ochita zopepela. 4n zikuononga ana mmasukulumu. Ufulu wavuta pa malawi. Makolo ambili akuopa ana kwambili. Aphunzisi tili pa mavuto ndi ana osamvera ngati awa. Musawapase suspend mungowachosa ndi zitsiru

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