Cancer Survivors Quest in ‘No-shave campaign month’

Chikhulupiliro Ng'ombe

Cancer Survivors Quest (CSQ), one of the non-governmental organisations in the country, has set November as a ‘No-shave Campaign Month’ aimed at raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancer.

During the month, those committed to take part in the campaign will not be allowed to shave or treat their hair for 30 days.

CSQ’s Network Manager, Chikhulupiliro Ng’ombe said they decided to conduct the campaign in that style as a way of expressing appreciation for the beauty of hair and to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer.

Chikhulupiliro Ng'ombe
Ng’ombe,confirmed the news.

Ng’ombe who is also one of the cancer survivors expressed concern that despite that cancer is continuing to negatively affect lives of people in the country, little is being done about it by men or government.

“We came up with the campaign with an aim of appreciating the beauty of hair as patients on chemotherapy cancer treatment lose it. If you have it, appreciate it. We also want to give men the opportunity to support issues that are penitent to them under men’s health and to raise funds that will be used to raise the awareness to rural areas and people in need.

“Each individual is to have a clean shave at the beginning of the month and all money you were to use for shaving and hair treatment are to go towards Cancer Survivors Quest in the month of November to hold awareness talks on prostate cancer during the month of November,” said Ng’ombe.

The campaign which kicked off on 1 November is expected to come to an end on 30th November.


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  1. Sorry I take different focus on how is this campaign aligned to other campaigns on cancer! I feel we can be more appealing if we combined with those bringing awareness on breast cancer, cervical cancer, throat and lung cancer and other forms. in the same basket but accustomised to allow for personalised interests within!

  2. congraturations. You should also conduct small meettings in rural areas on self cancer examinations inorder to promote health. Malawi should also be included.

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