Fraud: Rumphi council uses CDF to settle loans

Money currency

At a time when district councils in the Malawi continue to get underfunded, reports indicate that Rumphi district council has used constituency development funds (CDF) amounting to about 4.2 million Kwacha to pay for a loan.

The funds were meant for various developmental activities in Rumphi west. A source told our reporter that the council used the money to refund part of the loan it owes former legislator for Rumphi north, late Tasokwa Msiska.

“The council owes the late Msiska about 8 million Kwacha. The loan has been there for long now and after some pressure, authorities had to take 4.2 million kwacha CDF money meant for Rumphi west to pay back part of the amount,” revealed the source who pleaded for anonymity.

Up for grabs

Rumphi district commissioner, Lusizi Nhlane, confirmed the development and said that late Msiska made agreements with the council to use his personal money in various development projects when the council had no money.

Terms of agreement were that the council was to pay back the money after receiving funds from government but then things seemed to work against their wishes.

“We still have the balance to settle and as I am talking, court officials have confiscated our three motor bikes on the same case,” he said.

In reaction to the revelations , legislator for Rumphi west told our reporter that what happened was unreasonable and uncalled for because her constituents doesn’t deserve to pay for sins done by others.

She maintained that as a legislator, her efforts will see to it that the money goes to the constituency for intended purposes no matter the conditions and justifications the council may give.



  1. mutati mumfufuze bwino mupeza kt ndi ma mp omweo ngat mukudziwa kt ku karonga ku machine ameneo then y can’t you go en arrest dem fire bon government

  2. Ma Mp Akumeneko Ndi Makape Heavy. Palibe Chomwe Akuchita. Afuna Kuti Ayambe Ayendera Kaye Njale Zomwew Boma Lagulira Ngakhale Apulezidenti Akudandaula Kuti Awagulira Njale Yosabeba Yobeba Agulira Chakwera. Basi Azitinjoyabe Nanga Titani , Poti Wanjala Sakuwa.

  3. Where are the people who promised us that when voted into power things will change? Do u see changes? things are geting worse.

  4. I do not agree with Rumphi west mp. If indeed the council borrowed money and used it prudently, it must refund. I am sure that money benefitted the people of Rumphi as well. It seems here that late Tasokwa cared for the council and the people of Rumphi.

  5. Mukatero muziti boma likukusalani pa chitukuko a mbwenumbwenu Inu? Kamlepo uwauze atumbuka akwaniwo zautsiru zako ukuyankhulazi akupweteketsa. Mumangoti mfwee, mfwee, mfwee, chilichonse mukuzibera nokha afisi Inu. Muisovenge a nganya kwenekuko!!!! Pala Muli mnyuma pa chitukuko muti boma silikutemwa ise a Ku north?

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