Business people express worry over police operation


Business people in Limbe, Blantyre have expressed concern over an operation Malawi Police are carrying out in the town.

The law enforcers are ordering people to leave the business area by 5 PM after selling their goods claiming that they want to deal with robbers who rob people in the town as they go back to their homes in the evening.

One businessperson in the business district said if they find them selling goods after 5 PM, the police beat them up and this is not happening to the business people only, but also to anyone who is found in the town around past 5.

police malawi

Police in action (File Photo)

”We mostly target those who are coming from work to buy our goods and what the police are doing is hampering our business,” he said.

However, deputy public relations officer for Limbe police, Constable Peter Mchizi, denied that people are being beaten up by the police.

He said: ”We are forcing them to leave in good time and we are trying to bring security to the people as now we are approaching the festive season and most of the time we do this because theft in the cities increase.

“We are not targeting only Limbe, we are targeting the southern region. We also conduct the campaign in various locations.”



  1. apolisi aku malawi samalani nawo ndi mbava zowopsa tikamadaura mumanyumbamu kuti taberedwa amakhala apolisi omwewa tachangamukani abale azanga

  2. Our Costuition:
    (39) Everyperson Shall Have The Right Of Freedom Of Movement And Residence Within The Borders Of Malawi.
    The Penal Code Is Against The Right Of A Citizen. Once They Spote You Twice At Bus Deport Or Bwalo Lanjobvu: You Are Loitering. Kaya Ukumwa Fanta Pa Khonde La Mwenye, Idle: They Show You A Land Cruizer.
    (32)Everyperson Shall Have The Right To Freedom Of Associaciation Which Shall Include The Freedom To Form Associations.
    At At Apex Drivers Waiting Employment Were Arrested. At Chakulamba Lilongwe Bridge Vendors Washing Shoes Were Shown Cruiser

  3. koma kuba maka police traffic makamaka ku zomba komanso palinso pali wina mu zomba depot wa general duties amene akumagwira ntchito ngati wa traffic asamale ndamuchitira report ku headquarters apita ku Chingale

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