Mzimba police panicking over road accidents, seeks God’s intervention


Malawi Police in Mzimba have confessed that they are panicking over the possibility of rampant road accidents in the district during the festive season and have called upon the faith community to pray for God’s intervention.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday, Sub-inspector Maxwell Chimphonda of Mzimba Police admitted that as the festive season approaches, many people are not comfortable as history shows that it is the time when road accidents increase in the district.

He said that many people lose their lives in the road accidents which some people believe are attached to evil spirits thus the police think spiritual affairs can best be addressed spiritually.

Road accidents scare police.

“We have a history that most people lose lives on the road in festive season, more especially in Mzimba where we have special places where accidents often occur.  As we approach yet another festive season, we have thought it wise to collaborate with our fellows from the clergy to help us pray to God so that such accidents may be reduced,” said Chimphonda.

Authorities from Mzimba Pastors Fraternal have since confirmed collaborating with the police on the prayers which will be held this coming Saturday.

Malawi24 understands that the two parties will conduct prayers in places like Mzimba Bridge, Chakaza, Watileka and Livili where they suspect to be home to evil spirits that facilitates road accidents.

They will also sensitize locals on how to be strong in faith and how to avoid road accidents for the betterment of their district.

Records seen by Malawi24 paper indicate that Mzimba is one of the districts where the highest number of road accidents has been reported this year.

However, some people feel the police have contradicted themselves as they enforce laws that do not recognize the existence of spirits.



  1. Musamayike zithunzi zakale ngati mulibe zithunzi siyani basi,!!!!minibus imene mwaikayo inachita ngozi pa Area 5 ku machinjiri.

  2. Through Bushiri? What Do You Mean? I see bushiri under powerful microscope as compared to JESUS!

  3. You can pray as much as u like but nothing will change for the better if this behaviour of our so called traffic cops who goes on duty to get bribes from these careless minibus drivers who overspeeds their unroadworthy,overloaded minibuses.

  4. 99% of these accidents are caused by careless/dangerous driving. So don’t waste God’s precious time, all you need is to sort out your system which just sells licences to drivers that are not meant to be on the road. You should also get rid of the vehicles that are not road worthy by refusing to take bribes from their drivers. So go to your offices and have a word with yourselves and implement as per the advice.

    1. The sort out needs God still,,jesus says i have come to the lost sheep so there is no wasting of Gods time,,had it been its a wastage he couldnt have said come ye who heavy burdened and i will gv u rest

    2. So If we go to church and pray meanwhile vehicles without brakes and unqualified drivers are still on the road, then accidents will stop?…..

    1. We pray to God thru Jesus Christ nt thru a human being…. U th most foolish person to say sumthn lyk tht. … Ka Bushir kakoko nkandani? Iyeyo nde Yesu kti mudzipemphera thru iyoyo? Bcarefull my foolish frnd

    2. Bushir iye kutani kuti anthu akapemphere kuzera mwaiye? opanga za satanic ngati ameneyu? uyike maso ako pa Mulungu kuzera mwa Yesu khristu mnzanga ndipo uzaziwa choonadi ndi chizakumasula

  5. Dats great & wise thinking. Where man stops. God starts

  6. Don’t waste God’s time to intervene for those useless reckless chaps amatengela vinthu pamgong’o! Thinking festive season inabwelera iwo wokha! You have to behave yourself osati mukachoka kumwa free matokoso…you begin driving as if you own the roads! Putting everyone’s life in danger!!!!

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