‘Malawi government hates the Northern Region’

Enoch Chihana

Members of Parliament from the northern region have made a sentimental appeal to the Malawi  government against sidelining the region on development activities.

Speaking to the media on behalf of fellow MPs, Rumphi parliamentarian who is also leader of Alliance for Democracy (Aford), Enoch Chakufwa Chihana said the region has been getting a raw deal in as far as development activities are concerned and this has made the central and southern regions to be way ahead of the north.

Enoch Chihana
Chihana: The North remains sidelined.

He said latest foreign funded development projects which are to roll out soon in the country have all been focused on the central and south thereby leaving the north in a desolate state.

Chihana added that the two “favored” regions have shared a total of seven projects despite being advanced as compared to the “forsaken” north.

The son to late Chakufwa Chihana has also lamented about levels of regionalism in the country which he believes are holding back the country.

On development activities which government keeps mentioning to have carried out in the north, Chihana said there is only the long overdue Karonga-Chitipa road.

He said: “Tribalism and regionalism deny northerners work opportunities even when they prove to be suitable enough for the post. Whenever we talk about this, the government claims that we are being difficult but this is the reality on the ground.”

Failure of Capital Hill to develop the northern region once intensified calls for a federal system of government in which notable figures from the region played a spearheading role.

Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) is among groups that have been critical of government’s involvement in the region.



  1. This man is insane…& greedy. When PP was ruling party he didn’t say anything…he was busy enjoying…now that he is no longer part of th ruling party he is now speaking as if he means well. Let those who indeed hav th heart of developing th Northern Region speak, not those who did nothing when they had the opportunity to push for developments in th North…

  2. chihanayo atiuze zomw anachitako kwawo..atiuze kmw kuli bznez zake;zl kumpoto kumwera?panopa ali kt iyeyu?northeners mumaoneka ngt anzeru poyankhula km ndnu mbuli zenizeni…if ur patriotic wth yo region transfa yo bznezes there and construct bt4 houzes…zosez mumakanika kcht kwn km ku rgon ya azanu ndy mungt mumaikond rgn yanu shem on u!!ife akumpotofe musatisokose sitili mbali yanu

  3. To be fair, in every country there is a capital city which is the center of administration and there are commercial cities. Cities have different histories that attract development, and regions in a country have different activities that attract investments.

    Government has a role to play in initiating public infrastructure in both cities and regions. The case with Malawi is such that distribution of public infrastructure is based on political reasons including regionalism, and this has impacted negatively on Malawi’s progress.

    Enock Chihana’s observation is a reflection of how the north as a whole has lagged behind in infrastructure projects like roads, rail, electricity, hospitals,public universities,sports arenas,and airports etc. Chihana has a right to complain because he pays taxes so too his fellow northerners. The south and center also pay taxes and all regions deserve a fair share of public infrastructure. The trend has been that fewer projects than deserved are allocated to the north and yet it can contribute to the success of the country equally. For example, the north has no rail infrastructure, it lacks infrastructure for electricity save for the small Wovwe hydro plant, it has no good road network save for the old M1 strip running from Karonga to Mzuzu, it has no international airport in order to boost tourism, it has no international standard stadium in order to promote sports development.These are some of the projects goverment should have responsibility for the north which ordinary people can not manage.

    I support projects in our big cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe. Blantyre deserves a decent international airport and a decent modern highway from the airport to the central business district because it has a rich history and is Malawi’s commercial capital. Lilongwe deserves good modern roads being the capital and focal point of the country. It is embarrassing to receive visitors in a capital that has tiny roads and no good public infrastructure. However, Mzuzu and Zomba also need good road networks, hospitals, airports and stadiums because they are cities.

    People have a role to play in developing infrastructure in cities and regions but this depends on their preference. A northerner can choose to build a hotel in Lilongwe, a southerner can choose to build a hotel at Chintheche or Mzuzu. Those blaming northerners for building houses in Blantyre or Lilongwe are just ignorant.From the beginning, our first leader never created an environment that was conducive for university graduates from the north to have jobs there. He never created a university there nor a city that could have companies offering jobs for northerners.

    Now here is a scenario:you have a person from Chitipa studying at the Polytechnic in Blantyre and his program is Mechanical engineering whose possible job prospects are in Blantyre. He lands a job at Escom. Fortunately for him he gets married and have kids, but he needs to raise his kids in his house.Can anyone tell me where he should build his house? Should he build it in Chitipa? Many people have managed to build houses in BT and LL because they had no choice but the same people have managed to build in their home villages.

    Thus, the argument is about government projects that are from tax payers and not people’s projects. There is need to do projects according to the need not according to forces of regionalism. Favoritism will not take Malawi anywhere, it will be backward for ever, mark my words.

  4. A chewa ndiye galu zeni zeni.inuyo mukuganiza kuti akumpoto mukawathamangitsa kwanuko, nafenso mbewazi tizithamangitse kumpoto kuno angabvutike kwambiri ndiati ndi m’mene munanyerana inu? Ife kwathu sitinadyepo gaga.simungaonepo lorry ikunyamula matenanti kuchoka ku mpoto kupita kwanuko.

  5. development in malawi is propotional to regional population. northen region has the smallest population followed by central region hence low development. its very impossible to give you a pckage simillar to southern region. its true that kumpoto you dont have international airpot, stadium as someone put in commeny but remember that even zomba is a city without both. still u never find a person from zomba complaining. this could be one of reasons why you are called mysterious group of people in warm heart of africa. have ur patience and see what this dpp goverment will bring to you if dpp meant development that is……..

  6. we know the governments which hated the northern region most…. the MCP government, followed by UDF government. Compare the development which is there now with that which was there during the mentioned administrations. Ppl just talk bcoz they are in politics deep inside their hearts they know the truth..

  7. Not all Northeners are Tumbukas. we are a mixed tribe region but u have to understand that we are the best in Malawi.Even comments here by some stupid humans who have hated northeners since Malawi was created show how bad and sad regionalism and tribalism is in this miserable state. Northeners have been voting for your satanic parties and satanic leaders but since they are satanic nothing good has ever come out of them in terms of developing the region. God will keep on judging ur wicked ways and only time will tell.

  8. Malawi government nw is using nepotism system. But they must knw all we r malawians in any way.so we northern province people we must be careful what is happening.

  9. Chihana nzeru zathawatu apa chonde pezan nkhan yoti mukambe amalawi anve! ndiku sapota maganizo anu koma na izi mutukwanisa mafupa anu osalakwa!

  10. Bwanji nthawi zina kumayamikako wina akachita chabwino ndale ndikuzisiya potelopo…musapangitse ngati kuti anthu onse akumpoto ngosayamika poti awo ndimaganizo anu koma anzanu kumpoto komweko akuyamika mwina musakuona ndinuyo…..

  11. BWANA CHIHANA mulipo eti?? Mundiperekere moni kwa AFORD. Kkkkkkkkk

  12. Aaaaa my smallest&poor country contradicting to be God fearing but full of racism,prophesy prophesised about end times.kuona ndemanga zina! abaleinu sizitithandiza

  13. anthu akumwera ndi puli zosazindikira democracy ikiza n chihana ku chosa kamuzu inu munalikuti ziwaichi matenati ‘ndinu komaso or titati ;wawokwao mzapezeka kuti inu malo mulimbe chitukuko copanda nsima pakhala palimbe mungathe kulanda nyumba kwanuko ndi kumthangisa kwawo kupoto iye azalima napeza ndalama cifukwa munda ndi ofunika kwa mbiri kuposa nyumba pamoyo wa munthu mubale kuppto ciliconse ciliko minda mtengo mapiri nyaja malo okhara omanga athu ake ndi ocepa ndi axoool iliko soka kwanukp

    1. Ngati nokha mumalephera kutukula kwanuko nde muyembekeza ndani? Ife tikachita bwino sitikatukula kwa ini timatukula kwathu, inu koma kudzapanga maziko kuno. Mutachotsa manyumba anuwo ku 43,47,area 3,9,12,10,Nyambadwe, Chigumula, Chichiri,Sunyside, Chilomon ndikukaika kumpoto kungakhale chimodzimodzi, ozindikira ndani pamenepa?

  14. boza ili. northerners are not very patriotic on developing their region, we prefer establishing ourselves away from home for example why build a high class hotel in lilongwe while home karonga has good cross border business. let us go home or just use our on developing our region. development can not only be done by govt we need to take an initiative, we can stand up,walk and do development at home. blaming govt on devt is an old story mr chihana.

    1. you will be surprised to kno big investments northerners have made in central and south in the name kukaya wangakatilowa. we govt support yes but we shld not need the support when we are not taking initiatives. wanyithu wakunyadira kwao ndipo wakupanga invest kwao. our investment can attract many investers to our region.

    2. you will be surprised to kno big investments northerners have made in central and south in the name kukaya wangakatilowa. we govt support yes but we shld not need the support when we are not taking initiatives. wanyithu wakunyadira kwao ndipo wakupanga invest kwao. our investment can attract many investers to our region.

    3. you will be surprised to kno big investments northerners have made in central and south in the name kukaya wangakatilowa. we govt support yes but we shld not need the support when we are not taking initiatives. wanyithu wakunyadira kwao ndipo wakupanga invest kwao. our investment can attract many investers to our region.

    4. you will be surprised to kno big investments northerners have made in central and south in the name kukaya wangakatilowa. we govt support yes but we shld not need the support when we are not taking initiatives. wanyithu wakunyadira kwao ndipo wakupanga invest kwao. our investment can attract many investers to our region.

  15. Akamanena kuti some pipo are mad sakunamadi. chihana was once a cabinet minister in the previous regime but there is nothing i heard kuti wapangako zitukuko zambiri in his constituency. Apart from that mene anali boma sakawona vuto limene akulitchulali and to make it madness he never said this when he was in govt. and i doubt kuti ngati he was still a minister akanayakula zoterezi. Chihana is just stressed kuti ali ku opposition and no longer in govt. want to be seen as a good politician kwa anthu just to gain political priviledges, cheap politics.

  16. OUTRIGHT TRUTH.Examples r too many t mention a few wl b enough:1 TTC in th north whil centre & south hv 3 each,1 underdeveloped city in th north whil centre & south hv 2 each.Just let us GOVERN OURSELVES.Almost evrythng starts south,next is centr then north enjoys BONES.

  17. GRIFFIN MAKOPALA TCHUWA fuck MG n fuck ol educated ppo from MPOTO u just want money u forgt dvlpment thanx CHIHANA u r a hero man,wakutimwera masuku pamutu,wachewa,walomwe na wasena,

  18. The Lord is watching from a distant!!! Mpoto will be free from opression one day… time is drawing closer and closer….

  19. zachikale zimenezo mnyane you average representative.kuzikonda kumeneko,karonga chitipa timayenda 8hrs pano ndi 1hr,so?Wake up pls!

  20. f u chck all d ppo commentng against Mr Chihana mayina awo ndi either azifukwa,milandu n opezeka mumanotfcaxons oziwixa kt thez sing’anga….anyani inu.U thnk bwana Chihana anangozuka n started tlkn dc?uz ur brains

  21. Mukutukwanitsa atumbuka amnzanu osalakwa…Kuti mufufuze these anthu amene amayambitsa phokoso are those not appointed in cabinet, were ministers inthe former gvt,, or they had astake inthe previous gvt…so u hide inthe name of akumpoto…….Should we say amnzathunu udont difference btwn gd and bad…..

  22. Ena mwa inu amene yakudutsani nkhaniyi, what Enoki is talking about is govt or donor funded projects for example road constructions, hospitals classroom blocks, several years after independent Mzuzu city doesnt hav an international airport, there is no modern stadium in Mzuzu. No gud road network befitting a city, do you mean kuti anthu aku mpoto amene mkuti azazana ku LL ndiku Blantyre angamange zinthu zimenezi ndi ndalama zao. These pple u r talking about hav nyc houses in their vges. Nkhani ndiyakuti tikufuna zitukuko zikuluzikulu manyumba tikumamanga tokha we are not even waiting for cement and malata subsidy, we are building our houses with our own resources.

    1. E etu ndipamene mungamanye kt simumawelengeledwa. bwanji mumakakamira kt inutso mukhale a malawi ? Pangani wanu viko

  23. no one knew in america they was going to be a black president,,a day will come in malawi will have a president from north………

  24. We tumbukazi we r jelousy pple,we nid 2 change our mind set & assist in developmental projcts.lets not b the tribe whch wl brng regionanalisn in Mw lets take heart.tisiye kudalira viweto!

  25. 4 u hu a sayin the north cn nt dvelop or kt boma skupanga chtukuko ku mpoto coz ppo 4rm the north a movn 2 thez atha rgionz..u a not bein crius realy. an2 amapta kmwe kuli greener pasture..xo Malawians, u’v 2 knw kt thz great thinkerz move 2 thz atha rgionz coz malawi 4got abt ths rgion even b4! that they called it a #dead_rgion. en nw they a muvn 2 wat they choz 2 b live rgionz..nkumat ch2kuko chmapta komwe kuli an2! u aint crius malawianz!! big up Mr. Chihana.

  26. Ask Abraham simama and kondowe why did they build their Hotels in Lilongwe not in Mzuzu And ask Ken and Mike Chilewe why built magnificent Hotels in their home District Mulanje .It starts with you .You don’t love ur home

  27. Atumbuka mazikonda kwambiri ndichiyani munganene kuti kulibe kumpoto , Bakili nayesa kukunthandizani wosayamika , Bingu chimodzimodzi lero ndi idzi. Kodi mafuna kuti dongosolo lonse la panchaka likhale lakumpoto?.

  28. Zonse zili ndi nthawi yake. Chipatala chomwe Boma lamanga ku Nkhatabay ndichapamwamba kwambiri ndipo chikhoza kukhala mu top 5 muno M’Malawi. Muli busy kutukwana Boma mmalo mouza Boma zoti lipange kudela lanulo. Shame on you Chihana.

  29. Iwe Chihana osawasokoneze mitu anzako osangoliwuza boma zomwe mukufunazo kut likupangireni bwanji? Oh paja zabwera mochedwa ndalezi eti? Vuto siinu mkulu

  30. Aaaa yes_yes wat gorvment ar u talking about,this DPP gorvment is afucken one,nothing ihove seen since came to the power bro! usamanene zakale zimene amamenyelapo compain,palibe chimene wachita bwampini wanuyo

  31. m’phwanga neba u can be a president all these yrs ryanga vyako nasi tirye vithu umanye pala zuwa lakwana uzamukunya mavi kumulomo kwako

    1. One, central and southern are a bit industrialized than the north we all know that but, the distribution of wealth to all citizens in Malawi comes with a question mark. This ignorance will never impower us to be super heroes to an extend. Why can’t the so called leaders of Malawi accept that, the most educated people in Malawi comes from the north. Simply because of oppression. Take a look at our most wanted Prof: Mhango, he was given an opportunity overseas today our country is on the map. Bring proper development to the north. If they have the resources why not.

  32. Tribalism at its best. In all your comments, I haven’t seen a person from the north saying, tigawane or achewa amadzikonda, but it’s those from the south and Central ndi amene akumalemba zimenezi
    ..Nthawi zambili malo otsalira ndamene amadzatukuka kupotsa enawo . Ndiye inunso akumwera ndi apakati musazakalire. Problem ndiyoti anthuwa amangowona kuti mavoti ambiri amachokera kuti. Very bad indeed

  33. Worry not Mpoto. What u hav to know is that the lord has a place for Mpoto. time is just drawing near! Never get tired u leaders cause soon God shall put a president from Mpoto. Yes, one day a president will come from MPOTO wheather u take it or not. Mark my words nomatter how long it may take.

  34. The best ”fuso” must be why do people 4rom North Nyasaland hate ’em selves?u leave your region and stay in central and south~the fact about development is that it 4llowz pple and thats the case with current situation,it is 4llowing u!

  35. Chitukuko chimapita komwe kuli anthu atumbuka nose mudachokako kumpoto ndiye mumati chitukuko chikapeza ndani and more over atumbuka chitukuko mukupanga kwa eni ake mwamanga nyumba zabwino mu Lilongwe

  36. at the end of all these tribunal arguments, chosangalatsa nchakuti **we are all malawians, we dine together, eat together, worship together, ,school together, marry each other,, play together . mostly we belong to one God.

  37. Mmayamba ndinu a chihana mmamanga nyumba Zabwino ku ll kusiyana kwanu ku rumphi,mpoto itukuka bwanji pomwe inu mkumanga nyumba kwa eni,mtundu wathuyu ndiokanika bas

    1. Mbwenu mbwenu ndimunthu wakhalidwe lonunkha fotsek pofunika kuyamba kukumenyani ngati zinali ku South Africa coz ndinu adziko lina not Malawi anthu obwera inu muwona ngati mungatenge dziko

    1. Kauka uli boo! Development said here is not about personal house. And, if u go around Malawi u will see that anthu amagona nyumba zabwino ndi anzathu akumpoto, with brick, corrugated iron. Vuto upeza kuti boma silinake magetsi, miseu madzi abwino. So, Chihanayu is looking into those issues. Otherwise nyumba Sinkhani kwa anzathuwa.

    2. Thats true,but also look at the facts on the ground,the north has a very low population n the towns are very far from each other,so to make profits out of the investments demanded wll almost impossible, so i would suggest that north should be a food basket for malawi,n if u the northerners stop complaining about it n go where they will find those things they need,would be great,coz to b fair gvrnt doesnt hv the resources,n also us the southerners we complain about hving no enough devepments, since Bingu concetraited on the central,

    3. Mmmmm! If somebody is in Karonga and needs a good road to drive to Usisya in Rumphi has to drive to Lilongwe? If somebody has Motel in Likoma but the island has no electricity what must he do? Its simple things that govt has to look into. If u were a father with 3 wives were u going to treat your kids and wives differently basing on other reason? Then u better divorce, in so doing the divorced will be free do what she wants. Whether getting married to another man or do on her own. And may be she do much better than clinging to her.

    4. well put…but if the kid r at different levels of education?obviously i will support them accordingly(sp) in this case the population in central is high than the north,so wen building the xool the central demands more xools. central has the highest registration of cars per month hence the need of more road to b belt (sp) to curb the congestion levels,n am sure we all mean well for our country, lets hope the our government wll find the solution to all this

  38. Chihana is so stupid, why this around?
    Just a year down the line he was a minister,why didn’t he complain that time?
    Was he just afraid of biting the finger that fed him?
    Mbwee namanya waka, Chihana ndi chamisara, chindere.
    He just wants to gain as he is not totally from the North; his mother is from Dowa.
    Anadziwa ku mpoto kuno atayamba kale kutota uyo.

  39. Enock, your father was the most stupid political northerner. He was the architect of nepotism and regionalism. He said, ” Afford can not work with UDF”. Where is Aford today? Stupid!

  40. y do u just target atumbuka?kumpoto sikumakhala atumbuka okha anyan inu,kuli anyanja from Likoma island,tongas from nkhatabay,nkhondes nyaqusa and many more from chitipa and karonga + the ngoniz/mazulu from mzimba,,y just saying atumbuka??zaumbuli bas and anthu aku central nde position 1 kutipempha ntown wakunorth comes ntown for a purpose not kumalimila anthu or samtng like dat…fools we r all Malawians sizomangokondela mbali omodzi..tikazakwiya tizafelapo our dear mpoto land kut tizikhala tokha…



    3. Anthu amzeru kwabas ndi andalama inu anthu pa central amakupemphani? Aaaa! Munamanga manyumba a bwino ku centralko? Mwamanga ma hotel? Bwanji osakamanga ku mzuzu kuti mz isinthe? Mukukaonjezera kotukuka kaleko ndikumayembekeza wina akutukulireni wopemphetsayo? Wise up!

    4. nzelu ulibe shadrek we are talking of governments distribution of developmental programmes not kut uchoke kwanu ukatimangile ku mzuzu noo…kumanga hotel munthu amayamba waona kaye misika nde ngat wapeza msika kwanuko asamamge

    5. nzelu ulibe shadrek we are talking of governments distribution of developmental programmes not kut uchoke kwanu ukatimangile ku mzuzu noo…kumanga hotel munthu amayamba waona kaye misika nde ngat wapeza msika kwanuko asamange?kumanga nyumba indicates ones decency coz safuna kumalipila timalent around town ….make sure u polish ur fundo b4 kususa apa..

  41. Koma ndithu pamene zafika its quite just too much moti kenako tizafuna zonse ndi chonse chingokhara mwina kupelekedwa kuno ku mpoto, zamanyazi ndithu osayamika ngakhale zowoneke ndi maso museu wa njakwalivingstonia up to chitimba woyendaso mu central consituency umene wunayiwalika kalekale ndi zina,ma stadium Rumphi and karonga,nkhatabay hospital,karonga/chitipa, tenchanical colleges ngala , edingeni road, subsidy malata/cement konse 80 house each consituency , LDF ndi zambiri monga msuku,kaporo,nkhatabay roads koma enawa nthawi zamumbuyomo kunama basi zoti sitingatchure but DPP amanena chomwe anga chite ndipo akanena amachita

    1. Achimwene a #mkandawire ku malawi ndinaona chinthu chinachake,otsutsa akaona kuti chipani cholamula chikuchita zothekera ,otsutsa amabwera ndimabodza ngati umu akuchitira #enock_chihana_ndi_bambo_yona_chakwera

    2. iwe siwakumpoto ukulongolola apazi ndi zinthu zachabe chifukwa amene akuziwabwino za Dpp yakoyo zoti yikanena yimachita ndi nkhambakamwa chabe,edingeni ukuyiziwa iwe??? subsidy ukunenayo kodi ndi yakumpoto kokha kapena dziko lonse??? ulichindele chomene wapulika,

    3. mkandawile i think ndiwe mkamwini waku central or southern region..zinthu ukutchulazo zamangidwa patipo?ku rumphi ndi karonga amanga lit ma stadium?ndiwe mbuzi yaikulu zed nsanme…..

    4. #Futsekiii iwe mkandawire ndiye munthu wanji wokuwira m’manja Dpp pamene ife kuno tikuponderezedwa kamba ka anthu oyipa wosaziwa kupenya ngati iwe apa???

    5. mr Mkandiwile god bless you , you know the bible chifukwa malemba akuti masiku osiliza anthu azakhala osayamika,osakonda abwino ,ozikonda ngakhale ungawachitire zabwino kwa iwo uzipatule.

    6. Koma mwina mumakonda zaboza monga womwewo kuti namiza bridge pa rukuru pakati pa mkombezi na ng’onga mpaka kuwika pa calendar ndikujambula galimoto yikuwoloka pamene bridge kulibepo, malawi yonse kuwona but kunena kuti akunama ambiri kususa, kuyesa kuti kodi bridge lonamalo ndi museu kuchoka njakwa, lukali,ng’onga,chilulu,mhu ju,mbulunji,nkhombole, lura,mphachi,junju,phoka, livingsto up chitimba cha phindu ndi chopindulira anthu ambiri nichi? kodi chodura kwambiri nichiti? mwanama mwanama koma mwawonekera nthawi yimene timalimbana ndi multiparty sitimafuna ma bozawo koma kusilira ulamuliro wawomwe anayamba kale kale ndipo anatukuka nanga malawi angatukuke ndi sanjezo? mabozawo? kufuna zonse zikhare zanu? sorry sorry let us change

    7. Big up Mr Mkandawire aChihana onse anakakhala ngati inu bwenzi zinthu zikukuyenderani kumpotoko. Komanso mwangowunjikana mu Lilongwe muno nyumba zomwe mukumanga kuno mutakamanga kumpotoko sikungakongole? Muyambe ndiinu kutukula malo anuwo

    8. Iwenso mkandawire u mapwiya unakulowa kwambri…azanu akunena zitukuko za china zomwe zipangidwe pa nyasaland….zitukuko zonse 9 azigawa ma region awiri…

      Nde paja enafe tilibe nalo ntchto boma lanu akutilamulira nd mulungu inu zidyan ma banz kumeneko..

    9. Iwe chiling’oma usayetse ngati ndife zitsiru wamva ngati umadya nao ndalama za dpp uzingodya usatipangitse kukhulupilirta zinthu zabodza. Ndiwe wa dpp ungalembe chani choipa cha dpp iwe. Mwinaso kwanu ulibenso ndi nyumba yomwe. Ma comment akowa mwina ukuganiza kuti akumangira nyumba ya malata subsidy ukagwere. You are in Rome, so do what Romans do. We cant develop with mentallyy retarted pple like you,

    10. Ndimfuna kuipitilira comment yanuyi bambo koma nsanatelo ndayamba ndayangana profile yanu ndipo ndapeza kuti ndi munthu wankulu ndithu walemba zopusazi

    11. Inu Musalimbane ndi #MKANDAWIRE,iyi ndi mfumu ya Mudzi DPP akusapota apayi Adaba MAKUPUNI nthawi ya #BINGU ndiye ana2kuka anamva kukoma ndipo sazaiwala…sry ink wandithera

    12. @ juwao i thank God, u also hav a fon with fb and that u can write with all spellings collect, God is wonderful. Koma iwe ndi wa udf. Munapinyolisa chipani pano mwangozerezeka kusowa kolowera.

  42. Mumayambitsa nokha kudzisala inu,,,,,chihanayuxo nde mbalame yen-yen

  43. atumbuka titayambisa ziko lanthu tilemera guys, after marketing wid kayerekera and chamba chaku mzuzu.. northen malawi as a country.

  44. I wonder why people in the north say the north is north is not developed?Dont they know that they are busy migrating to the centre and south building good houses there leaving the north bushy,snaky,thorny,rocky and scanty.

  45. Anthu ophonzira inu,mukudanda chiyani,gwiranani manja mutukule ku mpotoko,mumamanga nyumba koyenda kwanu musanamange.sukulu yanu yopanda phindu.

  46. This is true . All big development take place Only in Chewa region Only .We are all malawians .can we say Malawi is Only for the south and central region? Why ? Nase tikukhumba ndalama zamalawi zingwirenge ntchito kose kose no kwa Nkhanga pela yayi.

  47. Ndilipano kuwerenga macoment.koma dziko lamalawi sindinawonepo president amene adzalamulire zofuna zaanthu onse amathetsa mabvuto apa family yao.pipipipiii ndangodutsapo

  48. ngati mwayi utapezeka mpofunika ku mpoto kukuganizira,koma zosankhana mitundu komanso madera ndi zipembedzo si khalidwe labwino

  49. Not fit to be a Leader too, emotional and divisive. The statements are easy to say but when trouble starts no one can reverse. As leader of a party choose what to say because. Your ambition is one day to be a President of a Nation

  50. ku north kuli anthu ochepa xo wy do they want more developments than their population?leave the little that govt has to help where development is Needed

  51. Kkkk, these r stupid lies, anyway, did u vote for/support him ? Kaye tsankho anthu inu, munthu wa ku south/ central angakhale kumpoto ? Chimene mumadziwa ndithawa kwanuko kudzakhazikika kuno, kenakonso kusayamika nkumayankhula za ntudzu. Ngati mungadzilamulile pangani zomwezo

    1. Imwe namwe ivyo mwalemba apa ngati mwanguleka waka. Palije icho mwalembapo cha mahala lol. Vinthu muviwonenge mbali zose kanthu kamoza ungayananiska na vinthu 10 ndikuti mu mutu mwako muli mahala? kikiki

    2. Hahahahaha, kupanda nzeru kuposa komathawa kwanuko nkumakakamila kuno ku central ndi ku south…….. Inudi ndi vindele vakufikapo…kkkkkkkkk

    3. Whoever says there’s development in the north probably his head needs to be checked or just ignorant.

  52. All days are not sundays, but kumpoto we’ve never seen a single sunday. Its always sunday kumwera… Tiyen nazo kumpoto kuzakhala mwala wapangodya! Amen! Kkk

  53. ife vote yathu kumpoto atenga Chihana yemweyu wakumpoto nzathu. Kadziko kakang’onong’ono kumapangaso segregation komanso kubalalika kukalamulira. Malawi aknakhala wankulu mukanapanga bwanj?

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