Crime: 53 year old man rapes a four year old girl


The Balaka First Grade Magistrate court has sentenced a 53 year old Malawian man to 8 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling his four year old granddaughter.

State Prosecutor, Sergeant Aida Mzama, told the court that the suspect, Greev Chimutu, committed the offence on 26th October, this year at M’mangeni village in Balaka.

Mzama went on to inform the court that the victim met her fate when she was left with the suspect after her mother weCourtnt to receive relief items which were being distributed by Concern Universal in the area.

Upon arriving home, the mother was surprised to hear her daughter crying from Chimutu’s bedroom, and when she went to the scene, she saw Chimutu coming out of the bedroom with his trousers down.

“Upon interviewing the victim, she revealed to have been defiled by her grandfather a development that forced her [the mother] to report to Balaka Police Station who arrested the suspect the same day,” he said.” Medical report obtained from Chiendausiku Health Centre proved that the girl was really defiled.”

Appearing before the Balaka First Grade Magistrate court, the suspect pleaded guilty to the charge of defilement of girls under the age of 16 which is contrary to section 138(1) of the Penal code.

In mitigation, the suspect asked for forgiveness saying that he is the only elder person at his home and he looks after orphans.

Passing judgment, First Grade Magistrate Felix Mandala sentenced Chimutu to 8 years imprisonment with hard labour considering that the convict is a first offender and that he pleaded guilty to the charge.

Chimutu comes from M’manga village, in the area of Senior Chief Nsamala in Balaka district.




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  2. 8 years is nothing to this act, we need to get rid of these kind of people off our streets. Life in prison could have been better

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