Dan Lu goes international: collaborates with top Nigerian artists

Dan Lu

Malawi’s Afro-pop singer Dan Lu is applying intensive efforts in promoting Malawi music to the outside world having done two separate collaborations with popular Nigerian artists.

Dan Lu, who has just returned from Nigeria, has confirmed working with Kcee of the Limpompo fame and Flavour.

Speaking with MBC Radio 2’s Mike C last week during his welcoming party, the ‘Uhule ndi Mtima’ hit maker said his trip was fruitful.

He said the songs which he recorded in Nigeria will be all over Africa’s major music platforms like Channel O and MTV base.

Dan Lu
Dan Lu in the studios outside Malawi.

His main agenda for traveling to the West African nation was to record with Kcee but his manager surprised Dan Lu by introducing him to Flavour.

The meeting with Flavour led to the recording of a track titled “one plus one”.

According to Dan Lu, videos for the songs will be made available to the public earlier than audios. He said from 8th of October, the visuals will have started showing in media outlets.

Dan Lu is one of a few Malawian artists trying hard to market local music internationally. He started expressing his ambition way back in 2007 when he collaborated with Zambian group “the third” which was by then selling like hot cake.

They recorded a track titled “allergic” which won the hearts of both Malawians and Zambians due to its golden construction.

The Nigerian projects serve to take Dan Lu’s music career to greater heights considering that he has worked with music heavyweights not only in Nigeria but also in Africa.

The development has potential to unlock Malawi’s doors to international awards.

Some of the great hits under Dan Lu’s name are: part of life, Nsanje, sorry and Mphete.



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  2. Dan lu big up ndizomwe tikufuna malawi music ifike pena pake

  3. koma uzimba ngatidi wa mw Nat naija so dat ya’d be promoting mw musik fully

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  5. He is a copy cat of Nigerian music for him to stay relevant so no wonder wen u say he is collaborating with Nigerian artists. Listen or watch his music video called “Nyamulira” all the style are of that Nigerian sh!t.

  6. Kwa onse amene a chita comment mosagwirizana ndi nkhaniyi.
    Please let’s be educated and wise enough when commeeting some personal issues are irrelevant to this topic.
    Think twice before scribling anything on this website

  7. gud work,lets our music be knwn in africa,bt plz improve ur videoz malawian artists,azitiposa nd tanzania yomwe ma vidioz,bax2 musie kuimba

  8. Gud idea bro, nt za pamalawi zoyimba zinazi. Kupangisa ndi manyadzi kupitako akabwela kuno ku joweni. Kkkkkk achina makawa kumabwela ku mikhukhu eti poti ndiko kuli a malawi ambiri. Panga zomwezo Dan lu, ndinu oyimba kale bwino inu. Mkamabwela kuno kuno ku joweni, timafuna muzibwela ku malo otchuka ngati Casino/sandton, nt Kaalfontein malo aana amenewa achina makawa ndi katelele.

  9. Dan lu aint promoting malawi music he’s promoting nigerian tunes..I know a malawian tune upon hearing one at least not from dan lu these days!!

  10. Well done Dan lu this is your moment show the whole Africa that we can do beta 2… We all proud of you

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