Investigate Chakwera, Msowoya- Activists

Lazarus Chakwera, Richard Msowoya, Malawi Congress Party

Human rights activists have asked government to launch an investigation on who approved money to buy luxurious vehicles for parliament officials worth 300 million Kwacha.

Malawi Government purchased four vehicles for leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera, speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya and his two deputies, Esther Ncheka Chilenje and Clement Chiwaya despite the country going through economic challenges.

Lazarus Chakwera, Richard Msowoya, Malawi Congress Party
MCP leaders remain under fire.

One of the human rights activists in the country Timothy Mtambo says there is a need for government to clarify where it got that amount of money.

“Government must launch an investigation on who approved money to buy the expensive vehicles for parliament officials knowing that the country is going through economic challenges,” said Mtambo.

He further said it is clear that the executive arm of government is aware of this hence the need for an explanation.

However, the executive has said the money was already budgeted for.

Meanwhile, minister of information Jappie Mhango has repeatedly faulted parliament following the purchase.

But previously, he said the vehicles were bought a long time ago and he is puzzled why the issue is the talk of the day now.



  1. ohh! asiyeni acite investigate, akabwelako ndi maphunzilo abwino poti akapeza zonse zinatsata ndondomeko zaboma. koma ma funds ake apeleke amabungwewo

  2. m c p yagwira mseu akulu boma lisatinamize apa ine ndi kuziwa kuti ndalama zimachoka ku boma anthuwa amango landira magalimoto coco atsanamizire mcp dpp anyakhule nkhani ina osati azinamiza dziko amalawi siogona akuona zoonse zimene akucita adpp

  3. u moron’z mosatinyase tilikumalawi komkuno do u tink w don’t noe wat iz happening on de ground mmmm we noe who authorized for doz vehicles to be purchased n de rizon for doz purchases …

  4. this issue lacks maturity and the so called CSO s they are just puppets of the ruling party the idea behind is just to turn peoples attention I see nothing wrong here its not the MCP that approved for the purchase of those vehicles. so what you’re saying its just as good as saying that all members of parliament should be investigated for getting the 23 million loan facility .to hell with your cheap politics we’re tired of this. dzuka malawi dzuka

  5. Mr Speaker is there anything else you need to buy for your office and is within the law?Just go ahead .Buy them.We respect your profession in the field of procurement.These thieves from the other camp just have to surrender all the billions that they stole back to the Malawi people.We dont want to hear any more lies that they were already reach by the time they were entering government.

  6. Kumaitsata nkhani, galimoto zinagudwa kudzera ku opc, chaka chatha kumaliza chaka chino, ndiye ndikudabwa mukulimbana ndi mcp, wake up pple

  7. Longweso ndiwe mbuli eti? Be objective axe, so the crime comited hea is accepting the cars? I feel sory that we have been brain washed this much. Wake up ppo. Shame!!!!!!!

  8. ndale za DPP ndizausatana kwabasi..and apa ndipamene ndaonera kuti ku malawi kuno umbuli ndi umene wachuluka, maka ndikamawerenga ma comments a anthu enawa..

    1. Achimwene mbuli yoyamba ndinu. Nokha mukumva kuti ma Activist ndamene akufuna kuti anthuwa afufuzidwe. Koma inu mukupanga blame dpp,pali mzeru pamenepo? Dpp ndi ma activist zikugwirizana?

    2. #puppet thom….you stink manyi, pita activist aliko okhawo..? Am oso an activist, sindineneko zoti chakwera afufuzidwe..!! Activist mukane mabvuto bamusi…!

    3. How can you prove to us that those activists are clean???? Mind you an activist can be bought. With what DPP is aiming at, you cant just trust anybody who accuses the opposition side. So you better shine your eyes and take a closer look….. Things are not like how we see them out here……. Muli matope mkatimu adha…..

    4. Thawani so u think MCP can not buy activists..hahaha yet you believe anything they say against gvt,wqt a fool.

  9. Why not start with those who spent our much needed financial resources to take a village-sized team of hand-clappers to New York. This is cheap DPP propaganda…

  10. Activits ndiye kachaninso? Mumamuyimilira ndani? Mukamapanga zanuzo mumayamba mwafunsa anthu maganizo awo? Kusowa zochita basi.

  11. If Government managed to spent 2 billion on unga trip resently, do u think it can fail to aprove 300 million?? By the way does Dr Chakwera bought bought 2 cars 4 him en Msowoya?? If so who bought 2 cars 4 2 deputy speakars?? Wat u r doing u dpp is a cheap propaganda en u wont divert pple’s atantion by this. Where is 92 billion u steel?? Dpp en its leadership is a shame to our beloved nation.

  12. We r O sons/daughters of MW & dis z part of our debate so wy kukamba zotukwana apa.shame 2those off tracking 4m the issue&topic.we r just expressing our views & dis z freedom of expression.

  13. Kulimbana ndi mcp ndichimodzimodzi kulimbana ndi Chilima chifukwa simungapambane popeza zili mmalamulo adziko. Ma member onse a dpp achigawo chapakati naturally ndi a mcp ndipo amatiuza zonse.

  14. In the post you’ve said’government has bought vehicles’which means the activists know who has bought the vehicles.Why should Chakwera and Msowoya be investigated?Who will investigate them?The very same pple who approved the purchase of the vehicles should now start investigating how the vehicles were bought?Activism inayi yayamba kudabwitsa ndi kuseketsa tsopano!!4 vehicles for four pple why investigate two only!!!!!!!

  15. In my view these cochroaches must be investigated…There is no way they can blow 300million on 4vehicles yet recently they criticised gvt on the UN trip…Similary they hv squizzed Deputy speakers over house allowances all because they are not mcp members .Today we hv information that stupid msowoya has approved house allowances of chakwera from k150,000 to over k500,000/ amonth and this msowoya thing from k400,000 to over k700,000 just imagine!!!….And wina amene nthambo zake mmutu mzokwanira akuti this is politicts….. kkkkkk…unless u r mad…This issue iz clear they must be investigated after all they are just like anyone….mwashosha olakwika mafana…..ngati ndizomwe mumakambira kukongeresi meeting mukakumana then am sorry u r using our tax so dont think we are fools…..

    1. So ur who if ur ar not fool? coz sukudziwa kut magalimoto alipo 4 and zoti adaika mu ndondomeko ya 2014/2015 bgt and magalimoto adagulidwa pa septmbr 2014 sukudziwa!

      1. pse don’t argue with a fool, people might not notice the difference. wenawa samvetsetsa nkhani, adzamva nkhwangwa ili m’mutu.

    2. yassin use facts my brother and get to know how the budget allocations are made. constitutionally u can not divert money meant for one arm of the government to another like many are complaining kuti ndalamazo tikanagula mankhwala

    3. So when its mcp the constitution must be cited and when gvt does anything its unconstitution kkkkk perhaps we all need to revisit the constitution not of mcp bt that of the republic of malawi……whelther they are ur uncles afufuzidwa cases of financial mgt some procedures can be suspended to match with the situation on the ground….hence gvt banned any purchase of vehicles and that include parliament !!….so mwenefumbo yes am afool because am stupid to side by these selfish and senseless so called stupid leaders and u expect these criminals to be malawi president and vice president kkkkkkkkk….Fortunately investigations have already started …..kkk iwe ndi ine showcasing our mamina and zamtundu kind of support …..Shame indeed! Viva investigations viva the outcome long live democracy …..

    4. hahahaaaa ndaseka nao I thought dis guy noez wat he waz sein zoti magalimoto alipo angati sakuziwa and zoti anagulidwa liti sakuziwaxo n who purchased doz vehicles sakuziwaxo n for wat rizon sakuziwaxo iiiiiih kumafusa amwene muzayaluka nazo zinazi kkkkk

    5. hahahaaaa ndaseka nao I thought dis guy noez wat he waz sein zoti magalimoto alipo angati sakuziwa and zoti anagulidwa liti sakuziwaxo n who purchased doz vehicles sakuziwaxo n for wat rizon sakuziwaxo iiiiiih kumafusa amwene muzayaluka nazo zinazi kkkkk

    6. kkkkkkk interesting indeed..dont just comment poti anthu akutero or because u hv heard ur parents discussing this …..Wanyera panjira walinga mbalume….U dont provoke others when u know u hv feaces all over ur body….Given the stupid noise the two cochroaches made after the UN trip inever expected them to be part of this childish and shortsighted expenditure….They were supposed to lead by example….Fortunately its my view and idont expect it to match with urs coz we hv different perspectives based on hw we understand issues…..Clean ur house first before u expose ur nosense and attract unnecessary attention …Lero ndi izi….Bravo Charles mpaka of malawi news who exposed this evil act despite it being amouth piece of MCP……so if u hv facts can u share th first with Malawi news….kkkkkkkkkkk…Blind support indeed ..Big shame!!!!….

    7. mwachidule tangoyankhani osati kulongosola, magalimoto agulidwa liti…? Ayamba kuyenderedwa liti..? Agudwa ndi ndalama zingati…? Kodi ndalamazo ndiza anthuwo mwina zachipani mwina za boma..? Ndipo iweyo ndi ndani mu bomamo…? Kodi ma conditions of services ama officer bearers amenewo mukuwadziwa..? Nanga galimoto akuyendere chief justice ikusiyana ndiyomwe akuyendera chief secretary to govt..? Nanga IG akuyendera motor yanji..? Nanga leader of the house akuyendera motor yanji..? Kodi chief justice akusiyana ndi speaker…?

    8. you cant base your stupid senseless argument on what you read in malawi news…!! Malawi news was paid 4million kwacha to carry out that nonsense news about those cars…why is it that out of 4 cars, mungokamba za 2 cars basi…? Zinazo ndimaphokonyole…!!!? Nde malawi news pano ikuti president akufuna agule ndege, mutsutse mwina muvomerezana nazo zomwe yalemba newspaper ya malawi news…? ana osasamba inuuu…muli mbuuu koma mukukangana ndi oti akudyerera, olo munena motani chakwera sangabweze galimoto-yo..!! Mukunama zoti kafukufuku wayambika, akupanga ndi ndani…? Wayambika liti…? kukhuta ma ARV basiiiii…!! Andale ndamodzi, amachezerana inu mungokangana za ziiii….

  16. ine ndikudabwa ndi ana akambuku otchedwa ma activist, ana anyapampi a dpp ndi ang’azi a mbc plus malawi24…kodi magalimoto anagulidwa awiri okha..? Magalimoto agulidwa 4, for speaker (mcp), chakwera (mcp), mcheka (independent) ndi chiwaya (udf-dpp pact), nde bwanji mungokamba za magalimoto awiri out of 4 omwe anagulidwa…!! Yu niggaz and bitches @ mbc, dpp-udf pact, activist, NGOs and yo moron president and his stupid big mouth chosalima yu stink and suck.!!

    1. iwe ndi nyani kwambiri…magalimoto agulidwa 4, bwanji mungokamba zamagalimoto awiri okha…? Akanyimbi inuuuu

    2. dey don’t knoe wat dey r sein bro dey r just following what others r sein can he tell us what iz happening apart from what we noe ,government bought four vehicles and I don’t noe y diz moron’z stil pointing fingers @ chakwera n msowoya n yet doz vehicles wea purchased by de government ,dats de rizon wy dey funded last wik demonstrations jst to fool malawians ana achepa awa akumananazo sanati ..w r not foolz w r watching ur moves muchenjere ..

    3. i wonder why they bought 4 prados, chakweras prado cost the same price as that of #chiwaya and mcheka yet akuti chakwera ndi msowoya abweze ndalama 300million yet all 4 vehicles cost MK 254 578 140.00…kaya za 300million akuzitenga kuti kaya…!!

    4. those cars belongz to the parliament n were bought by the parliament ma activities r jux bunch ov losers hepnotized by the govt to do such noise yet the can this so called govt getting wit something huge

    5. the same govt buys cars for the high office bearers in the land, later claiming they bought the cars themselves, this means they used their personal money…!!

  17. Investigate _577 billion all vehicles were fully approved and any investigation about vehicles is a sign of falier monga boma lorephera

  18. Had it been I was Speaker of parliament I would start going to work on tractor or Kabaza or DT Yamaha or Tiida kuti anthu opeperawa asowe chowilingula. 1. CEOs of many govt departments use the same vehicles 2. The vehicles were bought in 2014 koma simmene anthu aikokera nkhaniyi.

  19. Praise go 2 Saulos 4still using old vehicle.shame 2 Chakwera&Msowoya what abad lesson 2accept nu vehicles wen our enconomy z struggling.what bad leadership shown us.plz hold those state of arts,dont use them.

    1. nanga galimoto yomwe anagulilidwa deputy speakers #chiwaya and # mcheka nanga..? Kodi umbuli wanu ndipagulu pomwe..!!! Ng’azi iweeee

    2. Longweso ndiwe mbuli eti? Be objective axe, so the crime comited hea is accepting the cars? I feel sory that we have been brain washed this much. Wake up ppo. Shame!!!!!!!

    3. Kusadziwa ndikufa komwe ndithu. Anthu ena mulibe mnzeru 4 vehicles they want to investigate only two shame!! you talk about chilima you don’t jus wait and see

  20. Hahahaha 4 cars for 4 members of staff, duly approved in all angles, why investigating the 2? Wy not the OPC, that approved the sale? The Director of procurement? Parliament Comitee. Aaaa ha

  21. who is you Victoria Milanzi osafufuza iwe bwanji.zamabi wasowa cholemba

  22. Anthu adyera ngati #Mtambo safunika ku Malawi, why asking about galimoto za parliament, mwayiwala kuti ndi part of government imeneyo, how many the same car in president’s and VP convoy. Why Mtambo is criticizing this not 115 delegates to USA, kusowa kwa mankhwala iyeyo sakuwona. Dont blame pipo blame the system of government you are using. The coming of ‘Khilafa state’ (Islamic state) will abolish all this kind of oppression, tyrannical and corruption leadership in Malawi and world wide

  23. The CSOs should do that investigation because if you leave it in the hands of the DPP government they will come up with a cocked story. Was the government sleeping for them to come up with this terrible story around this ? I don’t think the government can just wake up after one year and came up with a cocked story in order to make people believe that the DPP government is serious with the taxpayers money and yet they have already filled their pockets with stolen taxpayers money.

  24. a human rights, bwenzi mutngowasiya amenewa chifukwa ngakhale mutero palibe chimene chingachitike. koma anthu amane agulilidwa galimotozo alibe nzeru maka chakwerayo coz bwenzi atakana ndikunena kuti ndalamazo athandizire anthu ovutika being chakwera is a poster. komaso zaonetseratu kuti boma lilipano lulibe nzeru. ndiye just leave them.

  25. DPP, Activists we are seek and tired of this propaganda. Much more we know that there is more to this than meets the eye.

  26. We already hv problem in economic why your doing dat thing ? all dat pple already hv cars

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