Drug resistant malaria worries Malawian medics

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Malawian based health professional Dr Tambulani Gondwe has expressed worry over reports that drug resistant malaria may spread to Africa soon.

Gondwe feels Africa and Malawi in particular is not fit enough to withstand such reported deadly infection.

To him, the country is already failing to eradicate the current treatable malaria as evidenced by statistics that many people are dying of it.

“Sure, I just heard about that but I wish that remains allegations because that will mean more deaths in Malawi and Africa as a whole,” worried Gondwe.

ekwendeni hospital
Malaria worries medic.

International media reports indicates that a drug resistant malaria parasite currently in South east Asia can also infect African mosquito species.

They report that the parasite was first discovered in Cambodia in 2008 but has so far spread faster across south east Asia. Scientist Dr Rick Fairhurst working with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) echoed the same worries saying the spread of the parasite to Africa will likely put million of lives at risk.

“We are concerned. The spread of this deadly strain to Africa is possible and the consequence would be dire, putting million of lives at risk,” said Fairhurst.

The World Health Organization estimates that in the last 15 years Malaria death rates fell by 60% worldwide and 6.2 million malaria deaths have been averted.

Efforts to source comments from ministry of health on the matter proved futile despite several attempts as its publicist Adrian Chikumbe did not answer calls



  1. I think Its not resistance alone but also the inability to use the drug without confirming the malaria .the mode of delivery of the medication to pts will also affect the outcome.in some cases the meds are practically delivered by saying.”morning ,afternoon, evening” with no regards to timing effects ,coz drugs have required system concentration to heal anybody

    1. its true what you are saying, in Malawi people get education not for mindset change but for money as a result a facility can have a doctor who doesn’t understand what he/she is doing as evidenced by lack of innovations in medicine in Malawi, lack of medical miracles. Facilities can have a pharmacist who doesn’t understand what he/she is doing as evidenced by shortage of medicines, irrational medicine use, medicine thefts, poor donated medicines, poor counselling skills etc

  2. The worry will be expressed by those who do not know what the scripture said about the last days and those who did not welcome JESUS CHRIST in their hearts.

  3. I believe worrying alone will not help but there is a need to start working on what can be done to prevent this from happening so that people’s lives can be saved. Is there anything Malawians need to do now?

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