Joyce Banda should shut up!

Joyce Banda

I wish the media could give Joyce Banda a blackout, but they want to sell papers and hardly remind people how evil Joyce Banda was for Malawi (I supported Joyce Banda until I realised, I was pitching my tent on a wrong field).

As Malawi president, Joyce Banda literally destroyed this great nation, the only place some of us call Home! Now, without being ashamed, she is trying to make herself useful (not for the people of Malawi who she betrayed, but for the West who are so daft that they can believe easily what comes from her lying and thieving mouth).

Joyce Banda, Oswald Lutepo
Lutepo (left) implicated Joyce Banda (centre) in multi-billion corruption scandal

In addition to the K24 billion that was stolen, not only by senior government officials very close to her but also senior members of her political party, a German funded auditing established that over K0.5 trillion was uncounted for during the 2 years Joyce Banda was president.

Mrs. Banda has also been implicated by both government and her Peoples Party’s senior officials (Leonard Kalonga & Oswald Lutepo) that they were just used as conduit to steal public funds to finance Joyce Banda’s presidential campaign in the previous elections.

Her defense has been that these people were forced by the current regime to implicate her! This is the only way out for her so she finds refuge wherever she has been exiling herself for close to two years. She is playing the political-persecution game because she knows that is the only card the West can easily embrace! But should we just rule out any possible credibility in allegations by these officers? What if there is some sense of validity and indeed Joyce Banda was involved? Why can’t she come home and exonerate herself?

She says she is insecure. Joyce Banda played this same card during the Bingu wa Mutharika regime. She said there was a plot to have her murdered. Yet, when she was president, she never told the nation or put up a commission to bring to light who had plotted to have her nabbed. But the claims that there was an attempt by the then regime worked to her advantage! Now, she thinks she can reuse and recycle the same card. Of course not for Malawians, but for her Western audience who have believed without questions that Joyce Banda lost because she was fighting corruption. Why would Malawians kick out a person who is fighting corruption?

Remember, it is this same Joyce Banda who told the West a highly believable lie that she sold a presidential jet to feed poor Malawians. “I am used to hitch-hiking!” she said!

Ralph Kasambara
Kasambara (in orange tie) Justice Minister and Attorney General in Joyce Banda adminstration answering multimillion corruption charges

Truth be told, the money from the presidential jet vanished into thin air and no one knows truthfully where the money went. No one poor Malawian was ever given a bowl of Phala purchased from the finances that were realised from selling the jet. Should we then believe what Joyce Banda is telling us that there is a political persecution plot against her and her family? No!! We are not stupid like some Western governments and organisations.

As a cunning human being, Joyce Banda will play any tune to justify why she needs to extend her self-imposed exile. She claimed that this government is not willing to provide her with a retirement home. I suggest she relocate to Chintheche where she has a mansion or even in Zomba, her home!

Malawi is a democratic nation. Once settling either in Chintheche or Zomba, she can then drag this government to court for failing to meet demands stipulated within her retirement package. I don’t think Issuing emotive press statements will ever work.

Paul Mphwiyo
JB’s saint: Paul Mphwiyo (above) answering corruption and money laundering charges

I also find it outrageous that Joyce Banda is losing her sleep over claims that her son Geoffrey Kachale is on the list of a group who are putting pressure on this regime. Of course, it is inevitable that Peter Mutharika (who is as visionless on how to develop Malawi just like Joyce Banda when she was leader) will perceive such pressure groups as efforts to make the country ungovernable for him.

One should rejoice and welcome Mr. Kachale’;s efforts to set up a politically motivated group should such claims be true because Malawi picked democracy over dictatorship in 1993. Should government be aware of that pressure group, then that’s also acceptable. Neither government nor Joyce Banda should waste Malawians’ precious time over this; and neither should the two be losing sleep over this matter.

I personally worked with Geoffrey Kachale in setting up the Orange Movement that sprung into three People’s Party youth wings. He was of course an entrepreneur then just as Joyce Banda claims. But like any Malawian, Kachale has also his political interest. What I mean here is Joyce Banda should not bring his son in this because Geoffrey Kachale has always been involved in politics and played a significant role in putting pressure on Bingu wa Mutharika then; and there is nothing wrong should he rediscover his calling which he lost after the 5th of April.

It is without denying that things are currently not well. To provide checks and balances to this government, Malawi needs everyone including Geofrey Kachale! There is nothing illegal in this and this is what Joyce Bandsa should have emphasised rather than brandishing her son as a saint who has drifted farther away from the shore where his mother’s ship is anchored! Like any Malawian, be it an entrepreneur or not, it is expected of Geoffrey Kachale to exercise his political rights as stipulated within Constitutional provisions! He can organise demonstrations, set up pressure groups or anything that is legal!

Joyce Banda
JB muddled in corruption scandal: Allegedly stole billions to finance her campaign

So if Joyce Banda want to talk about her son being in danger because he is organising a revolt against some injustices currently underway, she should be proud of that. And she has to be bold and tell the current regime: Geoffrey Kachale has every right to start a pressure group (that he did not want to be linked with PP!)

My message is Joyce Banda should just come home without trying to find scapegoats why she is still in her exile. She needs to come home and tell Malawians why K553 billion was uncounted for under her watch in addition to clearing her name which has been muddled in the cashgate scandal by people who donated and bankrolled her party. She can even drag them to court to defamation for implicating her in a very serious crime.

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  1. kodi muzingoti anaba nawo???? nde osakamumanga bwa??? za ziiiiiiii…….let the beauty be

  2. Machende anu nonse mukugwirizana ndi amayi anuwo mwamva mboli zanu anthu opanda mtima inu…mukuona ngati ife tikukondwa ndi mavuto amene anayambitsa Joyce Banda wanuyo-Abiti Mtila Antie Getie…fwefwefwe..tiyeni uko…mbava zotheratu inu..

  3. Muyambe inu kutseka pakamwa panupo NDE Mayi joice nawo atseka pakamwa .athutu amenewa tea wamkaka anayamba kumwa kalekale .kunyeranso Ndi kusetera ma tissues sikhani kwa iwowo.athu mukamalimbana Ndi muthu imeneyo mumangozitayitsa thawi.olo ndenge mudayamba mwakwerapo inu.? Malawi adanukha kalekale not becoz of joice banda who only ruled for 2yearskkkkkkkkkkkkkk.musova

  4. The truth is jb never loved malawi. but rather brainwashed the pple in just a two yr rule. she is a selective thief the nation ever had. Some of her fellow leaders were thieves ad well but they delivered but in just a space two yrs she managed to be like hungry veevils


  6. Wat z wrong wit amai? I wonder why kumalawi kuno president aliyense akachoka paudindo amakhala oipa! Shud we say that thats part of politics??????? Munthu aliyense angaipe bwanji amakhala ndi mbali ina yomwe amachita bwino ndiye moti tizingowanyoza amai lets remember ubwino wawo ndi zinthu zina zomwe anathandizako kt dziko lino lipite patsogolo.

  7. Poor Malawi,full of bickering rather than finding a solution to forge ahead

  8. Amalawi kuyiwala nsanga. The Muthalikas are the worst presidents Malawi will ever have. Just imagine Bingu dying with million Us dollars while the citizenry was complaining of hunger, lack of fuel etc.

  9. a Malawi tilibe pabwino,president ali yense tim’mampezela chifukwa,kodi za ka cashgate anayamba kufukula ndindani??mesa ndi jb??pano mukuti jb anaba ndalama,kodi president akungovomela zokamba azungu akuikisani kuti??mesa bingu mumkamuuza atsike pampando chifukwa akukweza zithu??nde peter muti naye chani?think before u lip

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  11. Admin I dont knw whether if u have conscious when writing ur stories its all propaganda after a propaganda bent to please DPP. All ur stories are just gurbegies, improve men ur in an advanced century gosh!

  12. Mungoti mwalephera kuyendetsa govt. Bcoz chirichonse mukungo namizira anthu 300 million yama galimoto wosayinila makhala minister ndiye amasayinira bwanji mudzifusana musana tulunse nkhani komanso musiye kolodza anzanu zala… Yes JB za cashgate zikumukhuza koma osamangot nkhani iliyonse kumangoti JB mpaka kuyambitsa program pa MBC zokhuza ndenge mwanyanya boma lipange ma means opezela ndalama zoyendetsela govt. Osamangot ku govt. kulibe ndalama ndiye atitayikeko ndiife??? Komanso mesa apulezidenti ali ndi ndalama zambiri bwanji osayika ku govt. Kut govt. Ikayamba kuyenda bwino azabwezeledwe apo ayi mupite kunja kukagwada kupempha thandizo ara but also reduce pointing fingers to other pple… Ok..!!!!

  13. So JB is still a threat to DPP??? Hmmmm why cant you concrtrate on developing Malawi rather than pointing fingers?? between Joyce and DPP anaba ndalama zambiri ndindani?? 577 billion should be brought to book before ka small money JB got

  14. Mungoti mwalephera kuyendetsa govt. Bcoz chirichonse mukungo namizira anthu 300 million yama galimoto wosayinila makhala minister ndiye musiye kolodza anzanu zala… Yes JB za cashgate zikumukhuza koma osamangot nkhani iliyonse kumangoti JB mpaka kuyambitsa program pa MBC zokhuza ndenge mwanyanya boma lipange ma means opezela ndalama zoyendetsela govt. Osamangot ku boma kulibe ndalama ndiye atitayikeko ndiife??? Mukagwade kunjako ara..!!!!

  15. Mama joyce banda we mis you so much ziko lavuta antha akulira mama boma munayendesa bwino inutu muzawinanso inu pheeee!

  16. If JB was stil ruling up to now,Malawi culd hav’changed to prosperity,but bcoz u let JB to go&Bikilon to rule us d@s y we are suffering,,Right now Malawi economy has gone down up 20% but under JB it went up 80%.shame to pple who hate Jb,next tym JB just come&help chakwera to take over the throne in 2019.

  17. A Malawi kumvetsa chisoni. Mumakanika ndikuganiza komwe. Zomwe mukuyankhula ndikomwe kukupita nkhani sizikugwilizana mkomwe. Mtundu omvetsa chisoni zedi.

  18. musatisokose abwantasa inu, mmalo moti muzilimbana ndi mabvuto tilinawo mziko koma bizy pointing fingerz kwa ena pamene nonse ndi mbava zokhazokha, tatopa nanu tsono, if u hav nothin to offer to the Malawianz, then just shut up! a pelemende inu, mukuona ngat kuvutikaku kumatiyanja eti! bulshit

  19. JB can be arrested,destroyed of wat ever reasons we may think of..But will that prevent Malawians from suffering ??! We did not vote for her into power so to make a better Malawi ..So this is the time ….otherwise we shill blame JB for the lest of our life and suffer without coming up with something helpful.


  21. Joyce ndinyamule ine nthawi yanu mai magetsi samkavuta,forex imapezeka,ndalama zinabedwa inde koma sidzimkasowa chomchi

  22. Nonse mukunyoza jb muziganizire kaye coz mukunena kut jb wapangitsa kut madonors asathandizenso malawi due 2 cashgate kma talingalirani nthawi ya bingu kumapeto kuja anamunyanyalanso mpaka mafuta kuyamba kusowa kma atalowa jb anapanga chotheka kut madonors aja ndkubweleranso mpaka mafuta anayamba kupezeka akanakhala kut peter sanali okula ntima madonors akanamukonda ndkumamuthandza kma akudziwa kut mkuluyu ndzayekha ndchifukwa amulekelera samamva zamunthu ndchifukwa akungonamizira cashgate apeter akanangovomereza kut dzawavuta.

  23. In Malawi ignorance and poverty means people can’t understand issues better and even where they can understand, poverty makes them deliberately twist things!!! It will take us another century I guess

  24. Which country did she destroy?why do u want to shield the real ppo who have destroyd us,is it coz JB is awoman n to you its easy to call her names?Where were u Bingus time or wen UDF was ruling?musadelele mayi uja coz ni mzimayi bt be fair mukamalemba.

    1. Msukwa! Are u a malawian or not?you mean you dont know what your stupid mother did to this nation?were u in prison maybe?becareful with devil.okay!


  25. Kodi inu anthu a pipiiiiiiii voisi vanda wanuyo mmamutenga ngati mulungu wanu poti ankakuthirani timbuzi, akina abakha basi, yemwe amazisata bwino ndale zapamalawi pano sangakwere pempeeeee, chimozimozi kutungira madzi nchitini chobooka,

  26. Why u r busy publishing stories that can’t help poor Malawian outside nooo this was done let’s talk for now and our future

  27. io dnt even dream to hear the name of Joice Hule Banda..I hate her …….stupid/Idiot/thakati …….adzafa imfa yowawa,mtundu wa Malawi kumabvutika chifukwa chamunthu oipa ngati ameneyu..zitchito zamanje ake asagana nazo..

    1. Robert, i think you have missed the point. Reflect over Your Country’s Politics. When did the trouble start? who started it? How is JB to blame? What wrong did JB do? Was BWM presidency ok? is APM really competent? When did the casgate start? you can put so many questions and will find out the truth

    2. Robert, insults will not take you anywhere. Try to share ideas with your fellow Malawians the problems we are facing how can be resolved. An insult is a sin in the eyes of Lord Christ Jesus. Take care.

  28. Wewe malawi tatizo kwanini wewe ndiyo tatizo kabisa umemuona neba anasema izi party zampya zinawiba hera zote mgovernment umakumbuka MCP imafanana na CHUMA CHA MAPINDUZI CCM Zimbabwe ZANUPF izi party za kwanza ndiyo kabisa imaona malawiyano party zipo ningi msana change your mind sets malawiyano

  29. Nothing wrong with JB, why cant you talk of somethng very important & burning issues for that matter!.Remind mr president that people are dying out there due to hunger and lack of medicine in most hospitals country wide.

  30. Joyce Was Implicated By Lutepo And Others In the Court Of Law.Who Implicated Muthalika?The Issue Is About Jb.Why Are U Trying To Make Her Holy? The Is Straight Forward .Let Her Come Back.Why Hiding? Who Is Hunting Muluzi? Why Only Jb? My Glandmama Said And I cought “oipa Athawa Ekha”

  31. Yaa! Doreen Akunena Zoona Mayi Siolakwa Peter Ndie Mbuzi Yamunthu Ndie Apa Bola Alowe Nyamata Kusiya Ndinkhalambazi Mzeru Zinakalamba Dziko Bola Alamulire Mnyamata Anthu Bwanji Osaganiza Dziko Alamulire Nkhalamba Ndie Zinthu Zingayende

  32. Akuba ndinu mukulamulanu mwaiwala kuti maso anu ali konko akhomelele kumene joyce kumeneko makape inu a Dpp

  33. Time wasting the more u insult her the more she will be famous to the world.Continue to hate her while God continue to bless her.#Jealous must fall.

  34. To win & to be better is not the same. Avery bright student can fail exams in the class while a poor bright student in class can pass exams. What does this for. It depend the way the exams comes. If it will be fine for her by then she will do again. Bcoz you poeple you fail to see about tha present & the time to come & yet you waste most of your time to the things that have gone & will never help.

  35. Indetu. Nanga inu mmalo monena njira yokozera zowonongekazo zimene mmanena mukungo mkungopiriliza kunena zowonongedwa zija bwanji anthuni? Mmawonetsa kuti nga mmawona kona simuwona.

  36. Anthu inu kupusa ndikosazindikira. Ndimadabwa nanu ine. Bwanji kunena za anthu oti anachokapo pantchito yawo muzifukwa zanthawi yawo itakwana. Mmalo mowona zasopanozo ndinenerathu zolakwa zawo. Musiyeni mayi yu anayingwiro ndikumaliza

  37. Admn shame on u. Can’t u compare urself Mama admnistration to Ntchona, Bwampini era? What has he done bwampini since he took presidence?

  38. Nkhani isamakhale yolimbana JB,peter Mutharika akuyeneka kukoza zomwe adaononga bingu wamuthirika osati kumaonongaso , ,,,,,,,kumalawi mavuto sasatha khulupililani ,Bingu ankati muluzi anaba ndalama pochoka m’boma atamwalila bingu ndalama zinazapezeka bwanji kunyumba ya bingu kumachita kt amalawi amasowa ndalama, uku kunali kuba komwe anapanga abigu ok ,peter usamaloze azako pamene zala zinazo zikuloza iwe wemwe galu peter achokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. Ambiri mwalqnkhula ine kwanga ndikungoti SIMUNATI JB akubwera ndipo amene mukunyansidwa naye mutsekula mmimba mwakamwazi !!! Kupanda Nyirenda ndi Mbendera kukuberekani sibwenzi mulalinunkha boma abakha inu!!

  40. Malawians must expect more troubles despite that thy have a very educated leader,this gvt z worse than any leadership b4 and is full of arrogant & lack of civilisation


  42. Amai ndi deal boma la mayi limayenda bwino nanga adady wa bwanji aamuna koma zikuwavuta bola amayi ndipo amai sanabe munaba nokha kt muziti nda amayi pajatu akalandira ndalama amakupatsani nde ngati anaba simukanawaona? kambani zina masten apume eeehe

  43. Koma tinene dzowona mayi JB sanayakhule bwino, komaso aka sikoyamba kufa Dr Bingu ananetso kuti chauta wava pephero lawo, Koma mulandu wa cashgate Peter adakonderaso mayi JB wotsamanga aliyese akuziwa
    , Andale mutsamatiputsitse from 1994 kufika lero mukuwononga dziko lathu palibe chomwe chikusitha poti mudataya ngodya 4 za Gogo; lero Nyanga, Ufiti ndi uSatanic ndizomwe mukugwilitsa ntchito ndiye dzakutembenukilani mwayamba kuphana nokha ayi Jehovah alipo, ife tidzilima tsidzatopa Evison Matafale Rest In Peace.

  44. I c the guy has run out of idea now. there so many thing 4 the benifit of all mw not these foolish storie.

  45. She destroyed this nation? In 2012, we had no forex, we had no fuel, we had persistent black outs and companies were downsizing. She had an economic recovery plan and the country was back to normal. We even didn’t have sugar and soft drinks!!!

    Yes there was k20 billion cashgate. At the time JB was taking over, the donors had already left due to bad governance and the Cochrain Diet issue.

    We have no donors now. They want k577 billion forensic report. Why should we blame JB only????

    Think outside the box at times

    1. Madona anachoka nthawi yandani? Muzisata za mdziko mwanu. Madona achoka kamba ka cash gate. U fufuze bwino wumva

  46. Wow:: you must be very stupid and u dont no what you are saying may be u r going mad, what kind of aperson are u? You may let wise people lead the nation right way not you.

  47. u Malawi 24,,,,why u are just busy posting stupite post like this? ngati Peter adakugulani munene mwava? koma with or without you Peter 2019 sadzawina

  48. A Halmitone tiyeni tizikamba chilungamo kunena zoona kuba kunayamba 2009 kodi pa nthawi imeneyi mtsogoleri anali JB kodi?Nanga kuti inuyo mziwe za cashgate adayambisa ndani?Kalero DPP bwanji amalephera kubwwra poyera ndikuulura kuti amayi akuba ndalama zinazi tiyeni tizitsatire bwino bwino achimwene

  49. The present so called wise and dynamic leader dziko lampulumuka a kuliwona ili. Then where is the wisdom and dynamism here? We are still following issues as they unfolding. Whether you are for someone but we are able to read the truth between the lines

  50. Ok you are on eachothers throut lets wait and see what happens next some of you are so mean and heartless i hope i wont hear that someone is died become some of me too much sagoma .

  51. #benjamin,yakuwawatu zikuwawe zeni zeni ndipo tisanati pitala timamukooonda ndipo njowina wina mu 2019mu, iweyo badikira njoizi akamutila mbandawanuyo, ndipo nkufuna mukwiye zeni zeni ma tshirt mwayamba kuvaka agalu, ena akumapanga mipira, ena akumapanga nkhata kunkhuni, ena akumagawa kwa anthu otungira madzi nchiti chobooka,kuti umve bho amisala

  52. Kodi nanga ndalama zimene ankati anapeza kusanjikako abingu atamwalira zinayenda bwanji kapena tinene kuti anatenga ndi ndani tanenani bwino pamenepa amalawi anve nawo.

  53. Zopanda mutu nza iweyo #mankhwinya, unabanawo kapena ndimagulu aja mmamupopa hamai hamai haaaamai iye amvekere ndiwina nkaima pachisankho, agalu a pipiiiiiiii abalalika ndipo alibe chonena chipani cholamula kuchifaka pa no 3 ng’oooooooooo munangolawa chifukwa cha imfa yamalemu #Bingu, siinu munapanga phwando bingu atamwalira mumvekere mulungu ndamene wandisiya pampandopa iweyo ndi azinzako mumvekere hoooye pempeeeeee hamai omwewo kuti wawa lero wawanu uja wabatu,

  54. The admin is munthalikas pedagogue. Malawians are not fools. Rubbish propaganda going on. Atha nzeru…

  55. komadi zoona, jb kupanda kuulula za k577 billion, bwenzi azunguwa ataperekanso cash mmanja mwa ma crooks, but eeeeh! mzungu very clever simungampinde as u do with malawians.

  56. komadi zoona, jb kupanda kuulula za k577 billion, bwenzi azunguwa ataperekanso cash mmanja mwa ma crooks, but eeeeh! mzungu very clever simungampinde as u do with malawians.

  57. Aliyense oyikira kumbuyo JB ndiyekuti mutuwake sukuyendabwino,mai wakuba,oipamtima ngati ameneuja nkumatikuti ndiosalakwa?muzakhumudwa akazamukwizinganawo unyolo.

  58. Munthu wa mzimayi kuba kuli tho!!!,sindifuna kumuwonanso kapena kumva za iye!! mzimayi wopanda chisoni ngati uyu sindinamuwonepo,asadzabwerenso kuno azikhala komweko azidya ndalama anabazo!! kaya afela konko zilibe ntchito!! .kodi chinsalu amayika pa phewa chija chilipobe??

  59. This is the only article the Malawi24 guys have put which if taken into consideration Malawians will learn to be Christians because it is full of the truth about this Jezebel an Imposter and devil’s emisary.

  60. Amene akumufuna JB apite kunja konko akamutenge!!! ife tikuti akhale konko mungadzamulodze paja inu kukhulupirira ufiti

  61. She is the co of all these Economic problems we have right now.
    if she had not stolen our money we wouldnt be in this situation.
    so she better shut the hell up

  62. I wonder if the Joyce Banda is part of medical prescription for some people. It looks as if they dont mention her name then they will die. Let those assaigned to deal with cashgate deal with the matters. After all we pay them salaries. Speculations and insults are only for those who are blank in how to improve their personal affairs but eager to advance other people’s.

  63. hehehehehe amalawi mukutukwanana iwo aliphee uko zaozkuyenda tyen tngogwli zana ife amalwi posakhala kumbali yamtsogoleli aliyese kut azndkile kut onse ife tikukhumudwa nawo komazotukwanaz aaaa zikungo onesa kunganza mopelewela apa satziwa olopangono olo

    1. ndyd tikagwilizana mexa padzafunika mtsogoleri? ndye kut tidzakhala ku mbali ya mtsogoleli wathuo!

    2. Ndi mbava zokhazokha izi iwe ndi ine mavuto Ali thoooo nde ena ali busy kutukwanizana zaziii remember Magetsi akweza kenako fuel don’t forget about basic foods mavuto

    1. You Just hear about Hastings Kamuzu Banda my Dear Brother. Th Old Man Was Cruel!!! Ask those who suffered his atrocities: torture, mcp cards, forced offerings, political imprisonment etc…May His Soul Rest in Peace.

    1. Adali okonda amphawi kumudzi. Padali dzko lina lake president kumeneko adasiira vice wake ofice kut adzpanga zomwe iye amkayenera kupanga. Iye adali kuyendayenda kufunafuna njira zotukulira dzko lake. Osat iz zongokhala mu ofice pamene dzko likuvutika.

  64. Koma Malawi24.Com mulinaye chifukwa JB, kaya kufuna kutchuka kaya chiyani, koma eeee ndee mwalimbana naye

  65. You(the one who wrote this) shut up too!personally, neither do I support Joyce and her PP nor Peter and his DPP coz these r the two worst parties Malawi has ever had.Infact they all make me sick with their annoying stories.Kak man

  66. Western countries are not daft and stupid .They will allow politicians and former presidents all the rope to hung themselves in the end.They will always say huh is that so?ah, indeed?

  67. We can speak this shit more she iz finally here.we told by her fellow party members that she wl b hr this month bt see she iz nt hr yet.ngt al ofunika,bwanji akuopa kubwelera ku dziko la kwao

  68. The government is playing game, why is the government failing to give her whats she deserve? Give her everything. If she dont come then we will know she is a problem.

  69. admin mind yr language…are u telling us that joice is the one who has destroy Malawi…why you dnt talk about The late Bingu wamutharika the one who died wth millions under his pillor while the nation was in trouble???

    1. Stevie Kaliati it seems u r senseless in your arguments. It seems your lhomwe caravan has brainwashed you. DPP ndiyakuba 557 billion. Bandayo ndi mbava ndichipani chake.

    2. Munawina Joyce anachoka vuto ndi chani. Inu akuthanu talongosolanitu kaya malawi ayende bwino. Ngati anaba mukufuna abwenze? Muluzi anabwenza? Bingu anabwenza? Mulli brothers nanga?

    3. @#Omega these kids dont have any idea of what malawian politics is about,they just hate coz they are the opposition.

    4. Owowo nde tikhalila kumangozitchula ndalama zo nde zizabwela? nanga zopitila ku America zikumapezeka? Misonkho monse ayambila kutidula muja. Komanso ndikakaoda zinthu ndilipile msonkho pa boarder, ndikamuika mu shop ndilipilenso msonkho, customer akagula alipilenso msonkho? Is that not enough?

    5. kkkkkkkkkkkkk #cris this is achildish words dont come again this words ,gomt trips it needs to use money not pa ngolo or kabaza that is y i call u child in political agender!!!!

  70. #BULLETS vs STRIKER #KAIZER CHIEFS vs ORLANDO PIRATES #MAN-United vs CRYSTAL PALACE > my favourite teams BB,CHIEFS & MAN UNITED !great week end 4the Soccer-Lovers im nt a Politician.

  71. am surprised with her saying she is afraid of security, then why not hire private body guards, as for the house, she can still live in her private house just like wat is happening with deputy speakers, she can receive house allowance up until gvt has built a retirement house for her, asatinamise apa mayiwa chilipo icho akuthawa.

  72. for the West who are so daft that they can believe easily what comes from her lying and thieving mouth? So do we care about the west?

  73. Shame on you the devil,JB will keep on shinning & God will show you how stupid, & ignorant you are,can you compare her with bakhayu? Senceless stop it!

  74. This propaganda will not work. We are not strangers in Malawi. We know them all. You could have been the first one to give Joyce Banda a black out. We know you fear her. She is better than your master.

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