Nigerian pastor jailed for faking Malawian passport


A Nigerian man of God, pastor Ibrahim, 44, is behind prison walls in Mzuzu for issuing a false declaration on a Malawi passport application form, a conduct which is contrary to section 21 of the penal code.

crime (2)Two Malawians, Thomas Chitsulo and village headman Mbondolo, have also been jailed for aiding the Nigerian to get a Malawian passport.

According to information at hand the two convinced the Nigerian pastor how easy it is for foreigners to fill immigration forms as Malawians.

Northern region immigration media relations officer Blackwell Lungu told Malawi24 that the trio was nabbed on Wednesday last week by immigration officials.

“The magistrate has just sentenced them to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for doing that,” said Lungu.

He went on to sound a warning to Malawians on the dangers of aiding foreigners in such cases saying they are a threat to national security.

“As Malawians, let’s not sell our country to foreigners with money by aiding them in cases like these. It’s a threat to our national security,” he warned.

The two Malawians hail from village headman Mbondolo, traditional authority Malenga Mzoma in Nkhatabay district. Immigration officials have since confirmed that the Nigerian pastor will be deported after serving his sentence.


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  2. This z a wakeup call fr DPP Gvt.This z just not that security z too weak in malawi,Has Gvt note of the influx of churches frm Nigeria ? Are they coming in good faith ? every location,school premises you find Mapente ,most of which are frm Nigeria.Where z NIB ? Dausi this z your work.wangoti bwiiii,kumangobwisa.Malawi z being invaded by foreigners illegally staying and operating different ventures in malawi.NIB u have much more work to do than u anticipated.Leave politics fr others,do security work.Ukuva Dausi ?

  3. Blame it on our immigration; it is perceived very easy to beàt, and trust me there are many foreigners out there who have succesfully cheated their way thròugh.

    1. Ndiye Ukuona Ngati Chakwera Adzidzimuka Ndindemanga Yako Yopusayi? Katole Ukuyesetsa Kukhomelera Chakwera Koma Tsiku Lina “UDZAIMBA NYIMBO”

  4. This ‘pastoring’ business is very hot. These are crooks masquerading as ‘fishers of men’ when in fact they are ‘fishers of money’…

  5. Its nigeria and congo where everyone is apastor,fake pastors,dont leave him ,he must dance the music akuzolowera agalu amenewa kutionongera mbiri mmaiko akunja mu,aziti ndi amalawi

  6. Many Nigerian pastors are fake, wina ndiuja anamugwira ku Luwi nga akushaga mzimayi wa wankulu wa mpingo wake. Malawians let’s love our country.

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