Cashgate suspect pleads guilty to MK 503 Million theft


In the continued crackdown into Malawi’s biggest financial scandal, Nkhunzo James Bandura Chirwa of Zonzoma civil engineering contractors has pleaded guilty to the charges of siphoning government money up to K530 million.

Chirwa served as Quantity surveyor in government, according to court documents.

But on Monday when he appeared  before High Court judge Ivy Kamanga he told the court that he was being used in the cashgate affair by jailed Maxwell Namata, who he said he knew him as school mate at Malosa secondary school and Polytechnic.

Bandura Chirwa on the other hand revealed to the court that Namata approached him in April 2013 asking him if they can use his company in issuing payments.

He says among other things he was promised 10 percent as account maintenance and other operations like transport for meetings.

Mary Kachale
Kachale says progress is welcome on the cases.

Bandura Chirwa said he was asked to find other friends with registered construction companies, and he approached his colleagues Steven Mwenitete, Muzipase Moyo, and Denis Mhango .

Bandura Chirwa said he was an errand boy but was giving all the cash to Namata.

He said he didn’t suspect any foul play as the cheques were being authorised by relevant authorities and had no problems cashing them at banks.

He was however quick to hint that he regret his actions, saying he was not aware that he was being used in a systematic plunder of public resources.

He mentioned several construction companies which were used in the scheme namely Sky civil engineering, Chive engineering, Nic civil engineering, Makhembe civil engineering, Mwene civil engineering, Stewards construction, Mundikhumbenge construction and his company Zozoma civil engineering company.

Meanwhile Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) Mary Kachale has applauded proceedings on cashgate cases.

“As government we just thank God because many suspects are now pleading guilty to cash gate related cases, people have been questioning that their was silence on the proceedings on the cases”
said Kachale.

Kachale further said the development will help in speeding proceedings on the cases.

Chirwa was arrested in October 2013 by Ant Corruption Bureau (ACB) for allegedly receiving over K38 million through his company.



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  2. Achirwa u have ashamed our Chirwa clan.pliz remember to eat ur own sweat.U must be jailed 5 yrs for acceptance though.

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