Malawi admires Zambia


News that their neighbors held national prayers did not just inspire Malawi but also forced the opposition to call for similar divine intervention meant to pull Malawi out of woes its in, Malawi24 can reveal.

Zambia President Edgar Lungu ordered the closure of bars, pubs and public places, including restaurants and fast-food outlets, all shut in a spirit to enable members of the public to dedicate their time in passionate prayer and fasting.

It raises eyebrows as to why whenever Malawi’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration takes over the affairs of the nation at Capital Hill as the country experiences misfortunes and bad luck resulting to mysterious things happening and citizens suffer.

Opposition Party which spoke with this publication said the coming into power by DPP means the history is only repeating itself.

Ken Msonda

Msonda: His PP is calling for prayers.

Urging for the ” National Prayers” is former ruling Peoples Party (PP) through it’s publicist Ken Msonda.

Msonda cited the mysterious fires in markets destroying properties in wealthy billions of Kwacha’s as shocking.

He further described the current ongoing economic meltdown as very unfortunate and causing traumatic moments to small scale business entrepreneurs.

Msonda stated,” The recent mysterious market fires is of great concern to peace loving Malawians. We are therefore calling upon religious and faith leaders to call for a national day of prayers to seek God’s divine powers to save our beloved nation.”

“PP is shocked with mysterious market fires destroying properties and loss of businesses for small scale business entrepreneurs. We call upon the authorities to seriously investigate these fires, quickly assist those affected with small business loans.”

“Memories are still fresh that during the last eight year DPP administration mysterious fires gutted, markets including opposition politicians and CSO leaders offices and houses.During the DPP administration our economy was also in bad that businesses suffered, the cost of living was unbearable.”

Ironically, under the DPP administration the country has experienced frequent electricity blackouts and shortage of clean water in all major cities and drug shortage in government hospitals.

Edgar Lungu, Peter Mutharika

Mutharika (R) being asked to emulate Lungu (L).

The DPP does During the past DPP administration 21 innocent civilians were brutally killed by reformed Police Service. It is under the administration that a fourth year Polytechnic student was brutally murdered.

In a worrisome statement, the PP wrote it read “Now that the DPP is back at Capital Hill to run the affairs of the nation, slowly the country is drifting back to the old dark days. Mysterious market fires are back mysterious fires destroying warehouses where important documents are kept armed robbers breaking into Vice President resistance, Cabinet Ministers, Diplomats and Police Headquarters. And Court files involving high profile cases missing.”

According to Msonda, mysterious road accidents involving respected high profile citizens resulting to loss of life the country is going through economic meltdown, businesses closing and the cost of living is unbearable shortage of drugs in government hospitals frequent electricity blackouts and shortage of clean water in all major cities.

“These misfortunes and mysterious things don’t just happen, it is associated with evil spirits; therefore need for religious and faith leaders to call for a national day of prayers. It seems the current administration is associated with misfortunes and people suffer,” he added.

Zambia held a day of prayer and fasting on Sunday 18th October, with bars shut and football matches cancelled, to seek divine help over the country’s currency collapse and dire economic woes.

Lungu declared a day of repentance,fasting and prayer in response to the overwhelming requests that ordinary citizens and clergy from all denominations had made.

This was in repsonse to call from the public domain as the Zambian kwacha fell 0.3 percent to 11.715 against the dollar as of 1:10 p.m. in Lusaka on Friday. Yields on the Eurobond due 2027 have climbed 236 basis points to 11.73 percent since it was sold in July.

Recently, the Malawi Kwacha appreciated and was as of last week trading at K548 from K569 a few weeks ago against the United States dollar. Over the past month the local currency was trading at over K600 against American dollar.

Some Malawi24 readers have argued that Malawi needs to emulate the same and hold prayers in a bid to seek the help of God.

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