Malawi admires Zambia

Edgar Lungu, Peter Mutharika

News that their neighbors held national prayers did not just inspire Malawi but also forced the opposition to call for similar divine intervention meant to pull Malawi out of woes its in, Malawi24 can reveal.

Zambia President Edgar Lungu ordered the closure of bars, pubs and public places, including restaurants and fast-food outlets, all shut in a spirit to enable members of the public to dedicate their time in passionate prayer and fasting.

It raises eyebrows as to why whenever Malawi’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration takes over the affairs of the nation at Capital Hill as the country experiences misfortunes and bad luck resulting to mysterious things happening and citizens suffer.

Opposition Party which spoke with this publication said the coming into power by DPP means the history is only repeating itself.

Ken Msonda
Msonda: His PP is calling for prayers.

Urging for the ” National Prayers” is former ruling Peoples Party (PP) through it’s publicist Ken Msonda.

Msonda cited the mysterious fires in markets destroying properties in wealthy billions of Kwacha’s as shocking.

He further described the current ongoing economic meltdown as very unfortunate and causing traumatic moments to small scale business entrepreneurs.

Msonda stated,” The recent mysterious market fires is of great concern to peace loving Malawians. We are therefore calling upon religious and faith leaders to call for a national day of prayers to seek God’s divine powers to save our beloved nation.”

“PP is shocked with mysterious market fires destroying properties and loss of businesses for small scale business entrepreneurs. We call upon the authorities to seriously investigate these fires, quickly assist those affected with small business loans.”

“Memories are still fresh that during the last eight year DPP administration mysterious fires gutted, markets including opposition politicians and CSO leaders offices and houses.During the DPP administration our economy was also in bad that businesses suffered, the cost of living was unbearable.”

Ironically, under the DPP administration the country has experienced frequent electricity blackouts and shortage of clean water in all major cities and drug shortage in government hospitals.

Edgar Lungu, Peter Mutharika
Mutharika (R) being asked to emulate Lungu (L).

The DPP does During the past DPP administration 21 innocent civilians were brutally killed by reformed Police Service. It is under the administration that a fourth year Polytechnic student was brutally murdered.

In a worrisome statement, the PP wrote it read “Now that the DPP is back at Capital Hill to run the affairs of the nation, slowly the country is drifting back to the old dark days. Mysterious market fires are back mysterious fires destroying warehouses where important documents are kept armed robbers breaking into Vice President resistance, Cabinet Ministers, Diplomats and Police Headquarters. And Court files involving high profile cases missing.”

According to Msonda, mysterious road accidents involving respected high profile citizens resulting to loss of life the country is going through economic meltdown, businesses closing and the cost of living is unbearable shortage of drugs in government hospitals frequent electricity blackouts and shortage of clean water in all major cities.

“These misfortunes and mysterious things don’t just happen, it is associated with evil spirits; therefore need for religious and faith leaders to call for a national day of prayers. It seems the current administration is associated with misfortunes and people suffer,” he added.

Zambia held a day of prayer and fasting on Sunday 18th October, with bars shut and football matches cancelled, to seek divine help over the country’s currency collapse and dire economic woes.

Lungu declared a day of repentance,fasting and prayer in response to the overwhelming requests that ordinary citizens and clergy from all denominations had made.

This was in repsonse to call from the public domain as the Zambian kwacha fell 0.3 percent to 11.715 against the dollar as of 1:10 p.m. in Lusaka on Friday. Yields on the Eurobond due 2027 have climbed 236 basis points to 11.73 percent since it was sold in July.

Recently, the Malawi Kwacha appreciated and was as of last week trading at K548 from K569 a few weeks ago against the United States dollar. Over the past month the local currency was trading at over K600 against American dollar.

Some Malawi24 readers have argued that Malawi needs to emulate the same and hold prayers in a bid to seek the help of God.



  1. A kuzanbia ndiife sitingafane, ife tiyeni tizitukwana mwina mulungu wathu amva kutukwana kwathu, zomvesa chisoni a Malawi Mpira, chuma, chilengedwe, zonse njee! Komatu mulungu wa a Braham ndiye yankho koma wa Bharayi kayaa, ndakaika wotukwana!

  2. Wat kind of people a u instead of seat down end discose abt the prayers u start talking rabich plz we as malawias let go together and turn our face to gog. God bls malawi and our dad APM we love u

  3.  If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  4. Luis Louis Malukula…I think you know us well….even a drunkard pa zed in his drunkenness, he sings a church song….blessed is the nation who’s Lord is God almighty. ..I bless you my brother

  5. Ahahahahahahah. ..Daniel! And they should be dipped in a drum full of anointing OIL! You’ve made my day. …I was so quiet in a taxi from pretoria to jozi. am smiling. You can never go wrong trusting in God

  6. You are right Msonda. This DPP Government is full of devil worshippers that’s why these misfortunes are falling on us. When the Israelis strayed from God or had a King who was not God fearing they faced many calamities. This is what ia happening to our country. We need leaders who are God fearing and not the kind of leaders we have now. We better act now before it’s too late.

  7. CHIFUKWA CHAKE NCHIMODZI,kulimbana konseku,umbamva onsewu,uhulewu,kudanaku,uchigawengawu,kufunafuna ntchitoku,kuthamangathamangaku,kuzuzikaku,kulimbirana maudindoku,chifukwa chake mchimodzi NDALAMA

  8. CHIFUKWA CHAKE NCHIMODZI,kulimbana konseku,umbamva onsewu,uhulewu,kudanaku,uchigawengawu,kufunafuna ntchitoku,kuthamangathamangaku,kuzuzikaku,kulimbirana maudindoku,chifukwa chake mchimodzi NDALAMA

    1. Satanic anali mzimayi uja anachoka uja ankalola za mathanyula uja. Dpp imakana za u satanic dats y ma donors dont lyk dis party. Mind u, amene amakondedwa ndi dziko lapansi amachitanso za m’dziko

    2. Mind u, you don’t have to oppress the minorities just because you are better than them. Maybe you are from another country, not Malawi that you can’t see how people are starving in the village. You and your Dpp go away and forsure i did say JB was innocent. Stupid

  9. Kusonyeza kuti a Malawi u Mulungu udawachokera. Kukokana konseku simungaganize zopemphera kwa Mulungu koma kutengera anzanu . Dziwani kuti Mulungu amayankha wodzipereka kwathunthu, osati ongotengera , kapena kuonera ena. Mutha kuonjeza mkwiyo kwa Chauta.

    1. Unyinji wonse ku Malawi ko palibe olo m’modzi angaganize zolapa, kapena kupemphera? Ndiye achita kufunsatu njira zoti apempherere. Mwina Zambia yasala kudya, ngakhale zina zomwe asala azitchula.

  10. Malawians cannot just go straight into devine intervventional prayers first without sitting down first with the Govt , Opposition , The clergy , The CSOs ,The Economists, Accadamicians , the chiefs and other stakeholders share ideas and forgive one another on fawl language which has characterised by Opposition CSOs and Govt then forgive each other . After that come together with interdenominational prayers ask God to forgive us and ask for Gods devine intervention otherwise God will never answer our prayers . There is nothing impossible with God the children of Israel suffered in wilderness but after returning to God they reached the promised land where there was Milk and Honey why not us Malawians? first our politicians must reconcile what is written on earth is also written in heaven . we will be forgiven.

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