Pastor Mlaka Maliro in a sex scandal

Mlaka Maliro Sex Scandal

Caught pants down

…Yaya Toure’s prostitute releases photos

…claims there is a video of the Pastor Mlaka ‘in action’

The young ministry of Pastor Mlaka Maliro will be met with a huge blow following the leakage of photos that have captured the Pastor in steamy positions with a renowned prostitute in the United Kingdom.

Information that Malawi24 has indicates that Maliro has been cheating on his wife, Bernadetta Maliro, with a renowned hooker. The information says that Mlaka had left Malawi last year on the grounds that he was going to minister in the UK. While there he was busy shagging a Malawian prostitute.

According to a self-confessed Malawian hooker who uses the pseudonym of Sandra Ntonya but her real name is Andulire Mwambila who is based in Manchester, United Kindgom, and she hails from Malawi, Maliro has been shagging with her (Mwambila’s) friend.

The friend of Mwambila who uses the name Sibo Sybo Sawart which Malawi24 understands it is a corrupt version of her real name of Sibongile Sawati is also said to be a family friend of the Maliros.

“The pastor came here and was busy laying hands on you (not in the spiritual way) while his wife thought that he was praying for people,” wrote Mwambila to his friend.

Malawi24 further understands that Mlaka took the cosy pictures with his prostitute last year when he went to the UK to perform.

Mlaka Maliro Sex Scandal

Man of god in the act

“He did not come to perform on stage only, he also came to perform in the bedroom,” said a source to Malawi24.

The woman who has leaked the photos of Mlaka and his prostitute has also dared that she has a video of Mlaka in action with her friend. Malawi24 can also excusively reveal that the woman who is leaking the photos is the same hooker who gained publicity in the British media for shagging with the Ivory Coast Toure brothers, the Yaya and Kolo duo.

It is said that Mlaka’s concubine is on a run in UK after being charged with deliberately infecting people with HIV.

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