Devotion: Don’t compare yourself with others


Success or failure is not about how you are doing compared to other people. Its about how you are doing compared to your set standards and goals.

Gal 6:4 ” Let each one examine his own work. Then he can take pride in himself and not compare himself with someone else.”

In life each person should have a vision that is clearly written down(Habakuk 2:2). Every plan or vision that is not written down can easily be changed. Its difficult to achieve a vision that is altered now and then.

New year resolutions may not be the best solution in life. What is important is to have lifetime vision.

Do not compare yourself with others. (Google image pf Blantyre a street vendor staring at vehicles).

Then periodically or yearly you need to review how you are progressing towards your set vision. If you are behind, ensure you pull up or add more resources to meet your set standard or vision.

In this way you can live a happy life and achieve a lot without comparing to how others are doing.

Comparison is a source of jealousy, envy, anger, frustration and unhappiness.

Saul was jealous with David when he compared himself after the song of the women. 1 Sam 18:7-9 ”

The women who were playing the music sang, “Saul has struck down his thousands, but David his tens of thousands!”  This made Saul very angry.

The statement displeased him and he thought, “They have attributed to David tens of thousands, but to me they have attributed only thousands. What does he lack, except the kingdom?”  So Saul was keeping an eye on David from that day onward.”

If you want to live a happy life, then quit comparing with others and live your own life. No two people were brought in this world for the same purpose. If you understand why you are here on earth, then concentrate on your mission and don’t compare with someone’s mission.

It’s not wrong to learn from others who have achieved a lot in life but don’t be trapped by the enemy by comparing your self with them. Each one should run their own race.

Pray with me.

“Thank you father for your Word. I declare in the name of Jesus that I will run my race, will achieve a lot and will fulfill my vision in life without comparing with others.”

In Jesus name.Amen.



  1. comparing is a source of inspiration,we should always compare our life with Jesus christ’s,is the only way you can succeed. comparing does not lead to jealousy but dissatisfaction will certainly lead you to jealousy.


  3. Amen Abusa….. Lero ndiye mwakamba zothandiza…. I shud think Amzimu Oyera akuyenderani mwapadera-dera….. Bax ingokhala Malawi 24 Ministries or United Malawi24 Pentecostal Church…..

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