Bullets suspend officials as players end boycott

Big Bullets

Malawi super league giants Big Bullets main executive committee has resolved to suspend the club’s supporters committee general secretary Mabvuto Chiwambo and treasurer Bruce Tambwali over allegations that they stole gate revenues during the Blantyre derby last Saturday.

The derby realised K16 million in gate revenue but during the same fixture in the first round, in which Be Forward Wanderers was the home team, K27 million was realised.

This angered Bullets players who started boycotting training on Tuesday until the duo alongside main executive committee’s general secretary Titha Mandiza were removed from their positions.

Big Bullets
Bullets players end boycott.

They also threatened to deliberately lose their 2015 Standard Bank Knockout Cup quarter-final clash against Civo Service United on Wednesday next week as well as their upcoming Super League games if their demands were not met by the executive.

“The players are not happy because they did not get their upkeep allowance among others. So they stated that they will not train unless the three are removed,” said team manager Rahim Ishmael on Wednesday.

The executive had no choice but to bow down to pressure and suspend Chiwambo and Tambwali, paving way for investigations into the saga.

Bullets and Wanderers got K3 million from the collected revenues. However, the suspended supporters executive committee members were not available for a comment as we went to press.



  1. Tiyeni tiwamvere chisoni ma players. Komanso BB ndi team yomwe ilibe woyithandiza.Anthu oyipawa osawamvera chisoni achobasi kkkk

  2. make the administration which the players will benefit alot,i was once a hater wa big bullets ,am of nyerere,but big bullets try to fix people of good manners in positions

  3. Kikikiki koma ya nde Malawi imene ndikuziwa ine sapota apezeka bwanji ku tumba la makobiri? please have special people ogwira ndalama

  4. wil nt end tu my side i feel like the blame z on us , a team like Bullets . Noma wthout proper structures why malawians, u see our teams wud ve turnd into Ltd companies vry long tym ago , bt greedy . fraud, corruption and wat has dominted the entire footbal cycles, ths can only malawian teams organise themslvs into companies i mean can our players survive ooh owooh u r n ths industry tu enrich urself , bustadsc

  5. Manoma u r the worst as during your games people have died FAM were is the punishment for manoma as they almost spoiled the game against bullets throwing glass bottles stones etc…… If it was bullets suspended for 4 months

  6. The Bullets leadership is worse because those aspiring for those positions are poor people so they need to get peks from the poor team.It is good to ellect those who have got money already.

  7. Suspension? What positive will it bring to bb? Club ownership is the long lasting solution. Remember chimango kayira cried foul on the same issue. Bb is a club of xool dropouts. Players without vision.

  8. Wise decision ndi zomwe anamuthamangitsira Kondi kuti azidya papakululu kkkk walupanga amafanso ndi lupanga lomwelo

  9. Why not introducing tickets an put into the ShopRite pep so that ppl must go n buy there than to pay on the gate when will mw wake up????? In SA u cnt hear this nonsense

  10. What Good Can Come From Mavuto And Tambwali? Should I Assume That You Dont Know The Meaning Of These Names? There Is Always A positive Collaration Between A Name And Person’s Behavior. Pliz, Swallow Your Pride And Start To Learn Things From Highly Learned Football Admn Of Silver. You Will Lose Nothing In So Doing. Pepa Mwana Wakumudzi Chilapondwa For Falling In Love With A Team Of Mabulutu. You Speak Better English Than Your Admn. Why Cant You Come Home And Start A Term Called Madanjala Stars? Kkkkkkkkk

  11. I think Mavuto ndi Tambwali cannot do justice to the system within the peoples team. Next time posankha muzaunike maina awo kaye. Osamasankha maina atsoka ngati awa.

  12. Tanzania ikabwera ku Malawi ingomenya ndi team ya BB sinanga BB simaluza pa stadium, mukuona bwanji anzanga a Noma?

  13. That’s a good development, because when someone is being investigated it is always imperative that he has to step aside or suspended so that the investigations should be properly carried out.

  14. Munthu dzina tambwali kumpatsa udindo zoona, mainawa ndizocita za mwini dzina zimagwirizanatu. Zakhala bwino kuti team yayambaso trainng

  15. Are you working on the current demerit or you are jst against reality? You the what so called #excutive_commetee do u knw that truth pains? Musatisokoze, tikufuna kutenga #TNMSUPERLEAGUE. NDIPO TIKALUZA NEXT game #MWANYA!!!!!

  16. No need to suspend them but relieve them of their duties with imediate effect. I think as it is we don’t have anything to do with them at Bullets, so it is better to replace them asap.
    They are the ones who ganged against Msungama for introducing ticket sales through the bank because they wanted cash in thier hands to steal like this and leave our fantastic club of f/ball finacially disabled.

  17. they deserve to get suspended,i do not tolarate with cashgate in my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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