Religious leaders condemned


Malawi Network of Religious Leaders living with or personally affected with HIV and AIDS (MANERELA+) has urged church leaders in the country to stop discouraging people from taking medical drugs.

Program manager for Manerela+ Bruce Tushabe said that some religious leaders encourage their church members living with HIV and AIDS to believe in faith healing rather than medical treatment as prescribed by doctors.

Pastor-Collar“We are facing religious challenge of practices where some church leaders encourage people living with HIV and AIDS to stop taking Antiretroviral drugs that help to boost the immune system,’’ said  Tushabe.

Tushabe however said that the church leaders tell people to believe in faith healing which does not work with the immune system.

According to Tushabe, if people stops taking ARVs or any drugs that helps boost immune system chances are high that their viral load will go up.

Commenting on the issue Evangelist Andrew Banda of Oasis of Lord church said that leaders are supposed to encourage their church members who are on treatment.

“Whether someone gets healed by faith or not church leaders are not supposed to tell anyone to stop medication,” said Banda.

Banda suggested that it was better to teach people the word of God and how the power of the Lord changes situations.



  1. Me being of the ART and PMCTCT providers I also hate some of these so called Men of God who cheat and want to be famous that they can cure HIV/AIDS this is just a total blue lie. No matter how you can pray you wont get healed unless you start ART with good adherence the drugs will perform its wonders but if you say I drink annointed water from a reputable so so Prophet or prophetess I bet you will die faster and leave this world with your kids and old people suffering because of your stupidity. We hav had people who left the drug because of being cheated at a fellowship so watch out what is written hear on earth is also written in heaven I think your men of God forget to tell you this !!

  2. Omwe asalapano ndi aneneli onyenga ongofuna kuchuka not kufalisa uthenga wa ambuye wathu yesu. koma kufalisa uthenga wampingo wawo kapena zinalao basi mchomwe chasala .malemba amati musafunisise ambili kuti mukhale asogoleli coz chilango chambili chizagwela inu nde samala m bale mwa ambuye.

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