FAM to sell Flames vs TZ tickets countrywide


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) general secretary Suzgo Nyirenda says tickets for Sunday’s FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Tanzania will be sold  in chosen areas as required by Fifa.

According to Nyirenda, FAM will make sure that the tickets are be available in all areas in the country like Mzuzu, Thyolo and Lilongwe because the match is for the nation and not Blantyre fans only.

“The tickets will be sold up to Saturday and as you know Fifa does not allow the selling of the ticket on the day of the game because it compromises important elements such as security,” said Nyirenda

Flames play Tanzania in return leg on Sunday.

Nyirenda said FAM has printed 22,000 for preliminary round and second leg match in line with the supporters who shall attend the match.

Nyirenda however said that in the commercial city the tickets will be sold in townships such as Bangwe, Zingwangwa, Chirimba, and Mbayani Chilomoni, Chilobwe, FAM offices, Kamuzu stadium and Blantyre Youth Centre.

Nyirenda has however urged all fans to access the tickets from these areas and has confirmed that security will be provided in the outlets.

Tickets for open stands are going at K1, 000, for MBC K2, 500 for MBC stand, while the VIP will be at k5, 000 and k10, 000.

Meanwhile Kamuzu stadium is currently undergoing renovations ahead of Saturday’s inspection to be conducted by FIFA’s Ghanaian official Anthony Baffor who will be the Match commissioner during Malawi’s game against Tanzania.



  1. Zauchitsilu..uyambe kaye iweyo nyirenda kugula ma ticket a banja lako..tikakhala ife tikalipila potuka pokhapokha chi team chochititsa manyazicho chikakawina

    1. Zoona it’s 2 murch zibwana bola kumangodya nsima padeni

  2. Waste of money and time buying to watch a Flames game! Uyambe ndiwe Suzgo Nyirenda kugula ticket osamangodziwa kugawa kwa atsikana a ku Chitawira ayi!

  3. Sindingapiteko! Sindifuna zachamba za Ernest Mtawali unless I see the squad that will play zis game as flames not frames as was de case in TZ. Mtawali does not want to consult, thinks he knows what he is doing but over my dead body, his arrogance has proved him wrong.

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