Graveyard trespassing lands four men in custody


Four Malawian men are in police in custody for trespassing into a graveyard where they were exhuming bones of dead person who lived with albinism, police officials in Kasungu district say.

Police identified the suspects as Peter Kamanga 26, Yamikani Phiri 23, Shenrick Kamanga 47 and Yohane Maliseni 18.

cemetaryAccording to Kasungu police Deputy Spokesperson Idna Mzingwitsa the suspects went to the graveyard where they were digging a grave of an albino woman who died in 1995.

“Members of the community saw them digging the grave and caught them in the process and referred them to police” said Mzingwitsa.

The deceased’s grave for Milliam M’bisa who was an albino and died in 1995 at the age of 29.

Peter Kamanga and Yamikani Phiri hails from Chisamiza village Traditional Authority Kaomba, Shenrick Kamanga hails from Chiwere village T/A Wimbe in Kasungu and Yohane Maliseni is from Dzuwa village T/A Khongoni in Lilongwe.

The suspects will soon appear before Court to answer Charges of trespassing into a graveyard.



  1. Dear Kamuzu ma albino kuno anasanduka chuma moti pano akukhala mwa mantha izi mnthaw yanu kunalibe shaaaa taonanu akuchita kufukura kwanu konko