Demolish Kamuzu Stadium, Blantyre City advised


Some of concerned Malawians have advised government to demolish Kamuzu Stadium as part of the Red Star campaign being undertaken by the Blantyre City Council (BCC) to destroy all dilapidated buildings in the commercial city.

This suggestion has come as the BCC assessed ninety one buildings in Limbe and hundred and ninety one buildings in Blantyre for the demolition exercise.

One of our readers who identified himself/herself as Shepherd advised government to take down the oldest stadium saying it is a death trap.

Kamuzu-Stadium: In poor state.

“Musasiye Chichiri stadium. Destroy that death trap”, he said.

Shepherd said this when commenting on a story we had published about the campaign which BCC announced during a press briefing the council conducted today in the city.

Former Malawi president, late Bingu wa Mutharika had planned to take down the stadium but in a very unpopular move as he relocated the Lilongwe National Stadium to Blantyre, a move was then reversed when Joyce Banda took over the presidency in 2012.

So far, the Southern Malawi does not have any stadium that can host significantly bigger sporting events.

The closest to Kamuzu Stadium on capacity will be either Balaka or Zomba Community ground as BAT, MDC and Escom stadia either belong to private entities or have been deemed unfit and could as well be listed for demolition.

BCC says it will demolish 161 buildings through the exercise.

BCC is yet to comment on the call,which has also been echoed by soccer analysts.



  1. u dont thro dirty water when u dont have clean water.cast the dice

  2. Cashget+ur current statement r movin 2gether, mind billy sang dis song mankhwala a edzi akangopezeka ena sangakondwe popeza akudyera momo, sinatchole nkwan bt ndangodusa

  3. I thought this was catastrophy dangerous. for the peoples team and Nomads and nevertheless, 99.9 percent of Malawians will opposed demolish process.

  4. that thing is a monument on its own coz it has history….why dont Egypt destroy the pyramids or Italy destroy the colloseum……WHY DO MALAWIAN WANT THEIR HISTORY PRESERVED BY FOREIGNERS

  5. Ndiye ngati angayigwese pano,ndiyekuti neba satenga League simesa anakhwimilapo pa jumanpo, ndipo zikumuyendelapo.

  6. You must be mad…I’ve been to Malawi and stayed there during kamuzu bandas leadership, I remember every 6th July going to that stadium for independence celebrations, and I have fond memories as a youth called born frees, wise people/council, preserve such places for historical sake as we have done with our independence stadium here in zambia!!! We’ve built a new stadium side by side with the old one. ..It pains me to see that wenela and lilongwe bus terminals, such an eye sore as if you have been at war for 29years….even countries that are fighting have got better bus stations. Amalawi sure??? A simple class room you’re failing to build. You want to raze down the stadium, muzamanga bwanji ina???

    1. I agree with you somehow, I visted home last year after spending so many yrs away but I was very disapointed with the way how Wenela bus terminal looks like. the country is going down down.

  7. It blantyre cty c, not malawi gvt, remember once u choose counsellors it minz decentrallisation is here, dat mins khomsolo has a power to make its own, nde wina ukut lilongwe dept, is ths depot in blantyre? Guyz if u smoke zampapaya mungaza

  8. The development only blantyre and lilongwe, no mzuzu. Why is this? Ok ok my grandpa told me that if you see things like this happen, it means inside the country they is regonalism and tribalism.

  9. Zomwe zikunenedwazi ndi Financial status ya Malawi Govt as of now mmm I doubt !! Kugwetsa its simple but kuti imangidwenso mmm mpaka Yesu afika.
    Otherwise its a good move though, but even much better ndalama zimenezo kungozilowetsa ku Maphunziro akwezedwawa…

  10. amange ina kaye ngati alindi ndalama chifukwa mavuto ali ndi ife achina malawi ndikumagwesa zinthu ngati stadium aa anthu atiseka tikama kabwereka surestream stadium

    1. Fellow Malawians,are we thinking about security? Zomba police igwetsedwe, Blantyre Police igwetsedwe mwina we should just leave things as they are.

  11. Kkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahaha abale inu msandisekese but thats very true tsiku lina chi stadium chizapha anthu ochuluka kwambiri komanso nachonso chikunyasisa town agwetse basi.

  12. Last time a national monument was set for renovation, something happened. When Kamuzu Highway was set for renovation, the country found itself in multiple problems. Even Kamuzu Highway itself was quite tough to finish renovating. It is in fact still under renovation up to now.

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