UN invited 6 delegates from Malawi

Mutharika chartered Bombardier Global Express - OE-IGS

… Govt. blows K1.3 billion as UN trip allowances

Mutharika chartered Bombardier Global Express - OE-IGS
K1.3 billion down the drain

Malawi24 has been informed that the United Nations had only invited six people from Malawi including President Peter Mutharika to attend the UN General Assembly (UNGA) despite Mutharika’s entourage consisting of about 120 people, a development that has resulted in government spending at least K1.3 billion on allowances alone.

Making the revelation, well-known commentator, Stanley Onjezani Kenani, said data he has accessed from well-placed sources shows that only 6 people were given passes to attend the UNGA.

“The United Nations gave only 6 passes for the General Assembly. In other words, only six people were allowed to enter. The 109 extra read about it in the newspapers, just like the rest of us. Ndiye kunalitu mabodza, amvekere (this is despite government’ lies that) all these people are being paid for by the UN. I asked: which UN?” wrote Kenani who also revealed that “some people on the trip got at least K11 million each for the trip”.

Mutharika chartered Bombardier Global Express - OE-IGS
Inside the jet: Mutharika lavishly blows K300 million on a jet

Meanwhile, State House Press Office has lambasted members of the public demanding government to declare how much was spent on the UN trip as “unpatriotic”.

However, other geeks questioned the rationale and credibility of the information State House had provided on the jet.

Douglas Kasamale posted on Facebook in response to the State House Statement “THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. OE-IGS is a Bombardier Express Private jet owned by K5- aviation. While it may be true that Execujet South Africa may have been the agent in the charter process, this jets’ home base is in Germany (assuming it is based at HQ- where K5 aviation is).

Bombardier Global Express - OE-IGS
Inside the jet

A lot of deceptive information being dispatched by both sides. Why is government even having to respond to such nonsense. Their response is raising more questions. The problem of having to answer to every nitty gritty issue is that they end up looking guilty as in this case”

The jet, according to the website, has the capacity to accommodate 12 VIP guests.

Mutharika continues to spend gratuitously despite the IMF revealing this week that economic recovery efforts the current administration has put in place are off-track partly because of overspending on the wage bill leading the GDP to fall to 3% and inflation stuck above 20%.



  1. Sapoti imakoma ndi moraro ka, ine sindikuonapo chodandaulitsa, it’s all the same ngati flames imakasewela away game kome kumafunika masapota ambili ndithu. Awa ndi maganizo anga, osati anu

  2. Kkkkkkkkk hahahahahahaha nkhutu kuve za kwa ngoliati zingapenge chani kwa anthu osauka koma ine mawu amalawi kukuzani simukava iyayi. Lelo ndi izi

  3. Sorry koma na a Malawi ndife atulo…we are still sleeping period! !! Trust me nothing will happen and people will continue to die in hospitals

  4. We are yet to have a leadership in Malawi. To our President 6 sounds like 120. Maybe Malawi has got much money that 6 delegates could go mad with it? kaya!!!

  5. Komano funso nkumati wabwino timudziwa bwanji utsogoleli ku TZ , ZA ,amautenga kuti tiziti Mulungu wadatiyiwala? kuli Alosi nichifukwa ninji amangolosela kupambana komamavuto omwe tikumane nao osanena tisavutike aMalawi ngakhale tilankhule palibe chingasinthe vuto kuli anthu oti akanasintha zinthu koma sitiwavotela m MP alipo ndiomwe aja tisinthe osati kamba ka MCP komano makamaka MPs Malawi ili pa moto Mwazinalake

  6. uyo pera wafika wati press briefing nyengo inyake akukhumba waone dankha awo wakubwebweta vambula fundo mundakomoke panji niti zindamukoleni soni?

  7. Kale akamati akuluakulu ndi m’dambo mozimira moto ndimakhulupirira kwambiri. Koma na Pitala uyu mwambi wake ndiwakuti ”munthu ukamalamba nzeru nazo zimatha. Kamba ameneyu nonse amene munamuvotera pokhalira panu.

  8. ineso ndikanakhala president ndikapita ndi agogo,malume,azukulu, azakhali nawoso akayione carifonia mwayi ndi omwewu.

  9. kod muzingot “weeeeeeh weeeeeeh weeeeeeh” opanda kuchitapo kanthu?chiyambiren ndi atsogoleri ake ati anamvapo madando a anthu awo pongowayankhura m’mene mukuchitiramu?SHOW YOUR ANGER THROUGH REAL ACTIONS not just wastin’ your words as if there’s a commentin’ contest!!!!!!

  10. As i said a year ago, malawi doesn’t need a president, we just need a manager. No need of voting, just apply for the top job

  11. Kodi ku Road Traffic dzaphwekerako? Last time sizinali bwino mabuno aja anangomatula system yonse ya ku Pretoria kuibweretsa ku Malawi.Atifunsa bwanji K53 ndiponso Heschem chikhalirecho ngakhake ndi flyover sitinaiwone

  12. dont ask like that,other 114 were friends and relatives of farao wa lero,the money oz very huge for him with six people dats y he dicyded 2 hook other tidye nawo pipo

  13. what if i decide to take everybody in my village to USA?.pangakhale vuto?..ndye ngat anthuwa anatengedwa nd ena akufuna kwabwno ife tidzti chani?

  14. Country men and women, we are doomed and destined for destruction. Our leaders have shown us their true colours, they do not simply care whether we die or rot in poverty. Their lust in borrowing and spending on less priority issues is irrevocable and uncontrolable. They are paying this nation lip service instead of servant leadership. One day we will wake up only to discover that iron sheets have been removed from our houses. May the Almighty fight for the powerless.!

  15. The government is even challenging that it will continoue doing this. I am afraid, DICTATORSHIP & NOT DEMOCRACY. What I have noted is that Malawian DEMOCRACY is in THEORETICAL & NOT PRACTICAL. Let’s wait & see.

  16. Tikadzapanda Kuvoter ,akuluakulu Amenewa Ndithu Adzawinanso Koma Tidzavote Muunyinji Voting For Chakwera ,ndiye Kuti Tawatha Adzasowa Pobera

  17. What’s the use of selling our own presideNt jet know we r crying ill cry forever n ever

  18. Paja anthu amafuna munthu wophuzila kwambiri ndi ameneyu! Upresident kukhala ngati ufumu tiyende pamodzi ndi mlomweyu kenako tingova asintha vice wayika m’bale wake poor lets rise and have one peace of mind this is not good at all!!

  19. Ndikutha kuwona..kutapita akazi a ma big,ma hope a tianyamata togwila ntchito kumtundaku…mahule wodzisamala anapita nawonso…MALAWI @51…

  20. U all know DAT every president ,who comes on thy sit,alwz thinx lyk us who voted dem we r all mad but tym talks ,they shall face it no matter wat,my vote z expensive tym will tell,dey r fooling demselvs

  21. Maganizo Mazeze clearly explained where other 114 people come from…people been talkin shit about this trip, if i were him imean APM icould have used more expensive plane than he used….be serious sometyms….

  22. Shame on UN guys, the reason 4 inviting these six derigates is to influence them to be partrons of that so-called female circumsission. They wll be establishng new organisations or feeding these already existed organisation to civic educate pple to accept female circumcission perpetrate here in Malawi. Wth huge sum of money Malawi wl regalise that ma-practice. Oh boy! Devil is realy at work. Mark of the beast in motion, 666 is being implemented. So sad.

  23. Zoona munthu ameneyu zamavuto samaziziwadi,, misonkho akutikhoma nayoyi ndalama zake mkumaseweresa choncho,,,,kodi paja unali mwezi wa April eti,, prophet sangaloserenso kuti,,,,,,,..

  24. Six people were invited and its quite understandable that maybe 20 or 30 would have gone, I mean the President has his security detail and ministers too are entitled to that, but having over a hundred people fly over to the UN just shows how Peter’s regime isn’t good enough to lead us through these tough times…. And what bothers me the most is that they always try to explain themselves when their indescretions have been exposed…. I’m so glad I didn’t vote for him.

  25. if malawi was your business, would you want your CEO to blow money like this. its high time Malawian presidents know that they are our employees and should lead the country into making profits not losses

  26. How many delegates did other countries take. Find out and inform us. I hear Zambia is also in media. But I hear USA took 4,200 delegates from all states.

  27. Plz Our Journalists Dont Get Intimidated To Ask Questions Which Malawians Need To Politicians Who Have Squandered Our Tax Payers’ Money And Asanene Kuti Atopa Ndi Ulendo Kuti Press Briefing Has Been Postponed

  28. Rest in peace Malawian gorvt. This is a family president not a state president. Lets Send him back to America where he learnt skills of all embezzlements.

  29. George Chaponda confirmed about this on MBC TV saying part the delegates from Malawi was sponsored by PRIVATE STAKEHOLDERS. I believe this was just a trick and something very fishy is happening with these POLITICIANS. Why did he fail to mention the Stakeholders who sponsored part of the delegates’ trip to UN? We will remain poor with these kinds of selfishnesses emanating from these greedy Politicians. Leadership in this country needs to be completely overhauled for the benefit of all Malawians.

    1. surely each of the 120 went there for a reason and their reason explains who covered their expenses. you can’t go to united states without a good reason. you can’t just go to the UNGA just to do shopping.
      if the rest from the 120 did not go on government ticket, someone required them at the UNGA and someone covered their expenses.

      You can decide to perhaps blame whoever required them there and/or whoever covered their expenses for spending alot to get the people to the UNGA.

    2. Which stakeholder can sponser such pleasure tours & not helping poor Malawian, some were even there silent without airing out speech. Palibe chamzeru apa changowasowa chilungamo anthuwa.

  30. Ndimawona ngati ndi ntchentche zokha zimathamangira pali manyi kaninso anthu amatero. Wina nkumawombera mmanja kuti president ayenera kutero zautsiru. DPPHALAM

  31. You failed to empeach his late brother because of him. So do you think you can pretend to do it to him? Those 120 people should not have to pain your hearts. That’s democracy, him has a right to do what ever he wants. Freedom of expression and for that he is a big citizen of the country.

  32. Hmm so pathetic….using all tht cash on uninvited guests yet malawi is in hell right now….next term muzavotelana nokha nokha pau 115 wanuwo

  33. Why do u care and what are u afraid of ,for me I wanted Peter to go with 1million delegates ,Let them do what is best for Malawians.We voted this

  34. Mulungu wathu vani kulira kwa ana anu! Chonde tichotsereni chiphyinjochi!! Amen!

  35. The remaining 114 had clappers went their for shopping using tax payers money; No enough maize, makwala, No aid from iMF & Britain; Iam worried with matchona boma, a Malawi tizadzuka liti amenewa afunika kuwamacha; Akudyelera anthu ake omwe omwewo if tikuvutika kuti tipeze kapaketi ka shunga kupeza kakwera tengo; mungo ndiyezera ka hanzi; Dziko lathu odyeletra a DpP basi? Koma matchona afika 2019 ? Ananena zoona, dzikoli lilimanja mwa agalu:

  36. Evryday u cook stories about this trip, this is our country, wait for him and ask questions akazasika ndege u will be surprised, inuyo mukulemba khani inu, be there muzakamufunse mafunso

  37. Let’s Love Our Country My Fellow Malawians, Writing Negative Reports About Our Own Country Will Not Help Us! At The End Of The Day, All These Negative Reports That We’re Writing Here, Wil Affect Us Poor Malawians, Not Those Ones That, We Are Writing These For! Let’s Love Our Country!

  38. Kunena zoona pa Malawi ngati takhalapo ndi mtsogoleli oipa sangapose uyu ena onse amaononga kumapeto koma uyu zisathe ndi ziwiri waonesa kale zonyasa fuso mkumati Malawi Mulungu mwina anatiyiwala? akulolelanji izi

  39. Zuma adatenga Mkazi wake ndi Mwana wamkazi mmodzi popita,monga ngati anthu ozindikira.Tsono iyeyi ngati munthu ozindikira,adalekeranji kutero?Moron.

  40. kodi peter ndi uja wavoteredwa ku UN kuti ndiye president onyansa kwambiri ku UN konse uja…? Nkaxi wake naye kaya ndiophwanya kayaaa…!! Diphiphi of nyapampi..bwampini the great..!! Mnyamata wamashalubu uyu naye ndimbava kwambiri…2019 akusuntha ngati bodza…

  41. Tanenani zoona pena mukuti 115 ndalama mukuti 300 million, pano mukuti 120 people ndalama zake mukuti 1.3 billion kwacha so which is which ,kusonyeza kuti nanu ndi mbuli pamkhaniyi, ndaona tsopano olemba mkhaniwa afika pauchitsilu tsopano,

  42. To be a president here in Malawi ndi buziness yamphamvu bola ukhale ndi capital yokwana monga luso ndi mfundo zopusitsira macustomers kkkkkkkiieesstt

  43. A KU BTZ N SOUTH mumadzifotokoza ngat mashasha koma ndinu ma bwaks pamodz ndi mbuz munaivoterai,munangowunjikana ngat makoswe ku mpani kukavotera bulutuyi mdzina la proffsr. welldone ALIDZI N ABINGU for mbiri yanu pa nyasaland. zinaz ndi matodwe zimangotosola monona mkufwamphuka. ma viewz wo phiri la ngamo

  44. Rulling gvt is serious business and utsogoleri simaphunziro and kulilira Udf cos coalition wao I don’t see anything kwa madiehard ngati ine.If you are UDF diehard and uwant our party out of gwirizano ndi DPP hit like

  45. the biggest thorn is chilima…!! nyapampi ndiwadyera, upuresident anaufunitsitsa kwambri, musaiwale ankafuna kulanda boma chigawenga chachikulu( bingu) ataomberedwa ndi heart attack…!! I wsh i had a g*n to finish this hegoat so i shld die as a freedom fighter…

  46. didnt you hear what the governement secretary said? governement had only 18 delegates from the 26 planned delegates. the lest were from different sectors funded by US embassy, NGOs and some were just for their own business, please try to write the truth. wait today they are coming if u r real journalists this should ur first question to ask.

    1. Thoko if what you believe in is true, then why US embasy is furious with the same? and why US embasy official from malawi has been fired for leaking the same info? Wise up!!!

    2. oliza nthungululu ngakhale kwao wachibale wao atamwalira asaika mbeu otchedwanso kuti ndipsi ndiye magulu okhala ngati THOKO KATENGEZA

  47. How i wish this meeting should be held in Africa.Why should poor country like Malawi should continue enriching America ,by hosting such meetings they make huge money from poor countries,azungu are still evil minded.

  48. These guys are taking Malawians for granted,2019 azazivotela okha,1.3billion pamene muzipatala mulibe mankhwala akuchita kusowa LA ndi Asprin shame,these people are so annoying manipulating and heartless

    1. I noticed that someone was making a call to fundraise K18 million for Mzimba District Hospital. You would have to multiply that by the number of districts. That would be the need the hospitals have.
      But, I noticed that the economic problem Malawi has, required someone to speak several issues at world level. Otherwise, our economic progress will keep on being suppressed. The suppression of the economy also means no medicines in the Hospitals.

    2. Justice G. Mikili Chakwera kuti chani?sine wandale coz politicians dont pay my daily bills,i work hard ndipo din’t vote,koma take your time visit hospitals in this country,you will regret saying those words coz people are dying kusowa mankhwala amalungo the cheapest medicine and yet some one used 1.3billion on a trip,ndalama zimenezo anakagula mankhwala bwezi zilibwino

    1. Zisinayambe lero ameneo ndie malawi kuipa kwache tidazolowera kulalatirana osauka tokhatokha pomwe en ake akusolola bas ndinthawi yao

  49. Chowawa ndichakuti kwanthu omwe tinavotela zipani zinafe timamva kuwawa nawo pa zomwe munavota inuzi,Next time mudzavotele zomwe tidzavotele ife,ndekuti zipani zoluza ndiza nzelu zowina ndizopanda nzelu

  50. Iyi ndiye inapropriate adminsration at its best.olo tizifufuza koma dola yaonongedwa kale basi,shame to this gvt.

    1. Dnt blame the voters. Blame pitala. Of all the contesting presidents last yr, Peter was the hope &only one who had a very gud manifesto during campaign. Peter is not doing wht he promised the nation. Pple were voting for subsidised building materials tht he promised the nation sth he is nt doing. Job creation etc…. If pple had knwn tht peter would be doing wht he is doing now no one would have voted 4 him

    2. Let Us Not Play Blame Game Guys.GOD IS IN CONTROL.These Pipo Will Phaseout Slowly.They’ve Started Digging Their Graves Already,come 2019.Eee Koma Ndikale Bwanji !!

    1. Rich naweso ndiwe gondolo labonya owola wamva. Gwape ameneyu akupangapo chani apa.. Bola Bingu osati Ibu wakoyo wamva.

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