Malawi in troubled waters – IMF

Malawi President Peter Mutharika

Mutharika sailing Malawi through troubled waters

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said measures that President Peter Mutharika and his administration adopted soon after being sworn in as president are not working and will leave Malawi in desolate if not urgently revised.

The body, whose experts completed their 2-week mission yesterday, concluded that Malawi is currently flying through a serious economic turbulence because of weak fiscal measures. With this, the experts project the country’s GDP to steeply decline from 5.7 percent.

“The Malawian economy is facing difficult challenges… Real GDP growth is projected to fall to 3 percent in 2015 from 5.7 percent in 2014″, said the experts who singled out Peter Mutharika’s gratuitous spending as one reason for the current economic trajectory.

“Fiscal slippages equivalent to about 2 percent of GDP emerged during the second half of FY14/15, in part because of overspending on the wage bill, and these were exacerbated by revenue and external financing shortfalls. Corrective measures undertaken to offset the slippages were insufficient. As a consequence, the end-June 2015 program target on net domestic financing was not met”

To steer the economy to recovery, the IMF experts have called on Mutharika to put in place tight monetary and fiscal policies that would bring down inflation, stuck above 20 percent since mid-2012, a few month after the ushering in of Joyce Banda as president.

“Addressing existing infrastructure bottlenecks is key to boosting potential growth and creating job opportunities. These include improving transportation infrastructure, electricity supply, the business environment, and access to finance. The adoption of a strong debt management strategy will ensure that public debt remains sustainable as key loans are contracted for strategic projects in this area”.



  1. Kodi amalawi mudikila chani pomwe mukuwona kuti zinthu zayamba mwana wakana phala, tilowe mumseu achoke piter pampando, aaaaaaa what is this amalawi? Where is country going to? Aaaa zoona mwana akatola nkhono basi musiyeni ndi maso ake.

  2. Leadership is a process that involves setting a purpose and direction which inspires people to combine & work towards it willingly.

  3. this boma has completely abandon their campaign manifesto ; and go for try and erra manifesto; pls IMF do help these pple

  4. These IMF people are useless,they advise,so that poor nations become poor and poor ….IMF is useless…it has a hiden agenda of making sure that the gap btwn rich nations and poor ones is maintained

  5. Sindizo zamunachita imwe mufuna kunkatsirisa zintu.Most people say chawana mudzako chapita mawa chiri paiwe.sorry guys l love your language but sindidziva kuyakura ,just interested to speak lam a Zimbabwean.Dont hate anyone

  6. muthuyu adakhalapo nduna asanakhale president. adalephela kuyendesa udindo wake. mkulu wake uja adamusintha mmawunduna ambiri ngati mukukumbuka koma amalephera, lero ndi izi zikukanika kuyendesa dziko.

  7. Foolish Gavamenti Wat Iz D P P Afta All Tivutike Becoz Of Dis Party?Heee Malawi Wek Up Malawi (kiswahili Anasema Amuka Malawi Amuka Kwanini Unalala Kama Ivi? Uyu Siyo Laisi Uyu Ni Muizi Wakuba)

  8. Zotipusitsazi Zatikonda Kodi Mumaona Ngat Ayani? Mukamapanga Zanuzo. Siinu Nomwe Mudapangitsa Nyasizi Kodi Zanu Zomwe Zanunkha Lero Pakut Zako Zomwe Siziveka Fungo Lero Zatani. Pakt Iyeyu Alamula Inu Mudziwa Naye Chochita Titakhala Ife Akumudzi Akutilamula Ndimafumu Wanthu Sitinasankhe.

    • agogo awa kwinaku atigulitsa coz of his poor governance ndipo sazathekaso,, ndinkanena tiyeni tivotere Chakwera!!! koma kusamva

  9. This is very bad news how come Malawi failed to produce better economics experts since 1990 yet our universities are busy schooling Economics? When should these results phased out?

  10. penapake chibwana chikuchuluka and ndipovuta munthu odalila zopempha ndi zolanda kumapanga moyo onjoya ndipo kulangika kulipodi ndipo amene munalandila ndlama kuti pitala akhale pampando umeneu akubwalo la milandu mulungu akuoneni kwapadela mukuti zunzitsa

  11. Malawi ndi wa tonse ndipo tili ngati m’basi. Woyendetsa amakhala m’modzi ngakhale mutakhala kuti nonse mumatha kuyendetsa. Choncho ndikofunika kumlemekeza, komanso nae azimva madandaulo a anthu. Koma ngati tizingo kangana titha kuchita ngozi kapena kukafika mochedwa. NGATI TIKHALIRE KULOZANA ZALA, MALAWI SADZATUKUKA. Wake up Malawians!!

  12. Well done Abel & im applause 4 u. If this crook & dishonesty Ruler wz not bone to be a leader, what do we expect?. lawlessness,disorder, total chaos & lack of state in a country. DPP APM has now just have reduced Malawians to economic slaves & our country to economic hostage for the political bank masters. That’s all Bull Shit! .

  13. Keep that to yourself IMF. you criticise our leaders always, you are not the only ones who have the brains. Leave this country for us, we will run it and we believe in our leaders. so shush

  14. I don’t see anything wrong with this government. IMF just want to compound our problems. They hate presidents who went to school. They want to undermine and sabotage this government. But it won’t work. People have got ears and eyes now. What do you expect from the poorest country in the world to achieve their indices?

  15. Nthawi zonse amene ungo khara thambalare wawulesi ndiwodalira kupasidwa ndi zawulere mapeto ake ndi amenewa, its now over 50yrs kuti tikuyima ndiku lamula tokha nanga apapa mungathandawuzire bwanji ? tikuzilamulira kapena tidakali kulamulidwa? ndi chifukwa chani? ndipo azathu anakwela bwanji kuti azizidalira wokha? koma njira ndi yomweyo ya kulimbika pakusatira those three pillars kuti nafe tizizidalira, so w really need to reform in all sectors kuyambira kuno kumuzi at village level up to the highest level at first citizen of the country all of us pamozi mogwirana manja limozi tigwire nchito mothana nimavutowa , osati momwe tinazowelera kusonya munthu yumozi, chipani chimozi ndi anthu amozi kuti ndiwo achitepo kanthu pamene zikoli ndi latonse

    • Indeed,but Mallawi will not sacceed cos our leaders r gridy and selfish,they only consider to full there pocket,Malawi is,not poot country but our leaders r poor thinking.

    • apo mwanenesa sife osauka koma tikungofuna upangili wabwino kuti titukuke just imagine ku mpira tsiku limodzi amatolera ndalama zokwana 29 million kuchokela kwa amalawi choncho ndalama zilipo koma upangili oyenela ukusowa apa

    • #mkandawire,These leaders poisoned this nation along tym ago en its too hard 4citizens 2make a difference on their own,The ministry of labour z failing 2deliver,pple r stil receiving 13 000/moth so how do u expect them 2make a difference when de damn regime z oppressin them? en the Higher Fees r bein introduced when they know the citizens r receivin Too low salaries WHY can’t they start 4us first? I’ve seen pple from different ministries being bribed when sent 2inspect various companies/industries.SO I think U don’t know what u r Talkin about buddy,Follow actions on the actual ground .

    • Van rashy i think u do not get the point properly, its the duty of all malawians to work harder and like nyerere kuti zithu zisinthe, so u hv to sugest any idea or any option of being bailed from such negrected problems, nanga tisonyana mupaka liti? tidikira mpaka liti? koma chofunika apa ndi 1,kukondana 2,kuzipele ka 3,kukonda ziko lathu 4, kugwirila tonse limozi 5, kusaba or dyela kuyambira pasi kuno kumuzi,pa vdc, adc,district up national level in all osati muboma mokha koma konse monga kumabungwe,ma NGOs, mpingo yonse ndi zipani zonse plus makamupane onse kukhare chilungamo mosabelana ndikupondele zana

    • #mkanda,ma points akowo wina aliyese amaganiza choncho koma its impossible in a poisoned nation lyk this! its hopeless en I doubt your points can b achievable. injustice,oppression,hypocrisy,corruption, greed,.. are permanent grave-wounds this nation is sustaining nothing more

    • AVan let us not declare that its imposibie to b implemented/achieved, zowona zake ndi zoti paziko lapasi palibe chomwe sichinga lepheleke ngati chipangidwa ndiku chitidwa ndi munthu, ngati azathu ena mumaiko azathu akusintha ndiye ife amalawi tinalakwa chani kapena kutembeledwa kwa mulungu but in the name of the only son of God jesus christ nothing is imposible or permanent

    • Ndizoona mwanenazi bro, komano tilindi bvuto lalikulu. Pakuti omwe ali ndi mphabvu zochuluka papukweza dzikolino ndi omwenso akulibwenza m’mbuyo.

  16. Gangsters, Crooks, Vampires and Zombies, what do u think can be the outcome. We have good strategists on board but they are being sidelined in the decision making processes, and do we expect any changes? Let the love of God shine upon us so that some miracles can overturn the current situation, if only we could turn back the hands of time things could have been better. Lets hope that by the grace of God poor Malawians will still survive.

  17. IMF,,these are evil pipo en cant be happy with wat is happng with did admnstration..Please APM,en Goodall Gondwe..dont bow to them

  18. kwamunthu amene amaliziwa baibulo palibe nkhani apa. Masiku omaliza ano palibe amene azalamulile bwino, tonse zatilaka tiyeni tidikire umfumu umene ukuza posachedwapa wa yesu khristu, sikuzakhala zowawa.

  19. mumkaona ngat chani??? povota paja pajatu mumkati profesor ndi dhil! tiye nazo ngat mulungu salelesa apa tifa ndiuphawi iye ndibanja lake likunenepa!

    • wosamva nkhwangwa iri pa mutu, pano a Pitala president akuti chuma akulephera kuyendeysa kamba kaya mai Joice Banda, kani ndiye u professor wakedi…

  20. Only rulers chosen by GOD for the leadership succeed but those who use their unjustfied means to achieve their personal desire to be leaders fail and this is the example. Malawians should expect even much harder life that we presently have. See there are very long queues in hospitals for search of hospital services unfortunately there are a few medical and nursing professional workers yet those who have just qualified are given no chance to start working akuti there is no money to pay them not knowing they are punishing a man living in the remotest part of the country. GOD will judge.

  21. School fees now is high still you know people of malawi they are in hunger crisis,where they can get money for school fees in form of buying food?

  22. It was along story ,from bingus regime upto you mr bwampini, you didn’t make any bolehole the whole country and l see already u dont care about the life of the malawians, you are astupid president, the lomwe.

  23. “Measures adopted”… Who prescribed them, sinu nomwe a IMF, lero mukuti ndi Pitala, chonsecho it was meant to please you to bring donors back…. Mundisamale…

  24. My fellow Malawians, is this what you wanted? What is he doing as a president? Munthu adaonekera ntchito zake ali nduna. Maunduna ake onse zinthu kumasokonekera iye ali phee. Koma inu kumuikabe paupresident. Basi limbani mitima ndizomwe munkafuna.

    • Mistake yaikuku yomwe mudachita abale anga kubwezeranso dpp m’boma. Ndipo kunja azungu adachita kudzidzimuka kuti “whats wrong with Malawians?”

    • Vuto chipani cha dpp ndichokhazikika dziko lamalawi pamene zipani zinazi zimaendela ma Region ndiye apa anthu timvadi kuningina mpaka kale bcz anthu ozindikila omwe amabwela ndi ma comment pa fb amakhala kuti ndianthu oti ali kunja kwadzikolino ndiye amangomva kuti akuti zili moti-moti koma on ground palibe chomwe amadziwa, timabwela ndimau oti anatibela mavoti chonsecho sitinavote . Ndiye eshiiii tili mumavuto azaoneni ndithu.

    • Its not about Peter rulling ths country, No!! its about th already existing problem of lack of Money in the Govt. Put Chakwela on the Post and see if he will eradicate poverty in Malawi.

    • Don’t trust African politicians they are the same. Kuba kuima mitima samaganizira anthu awo, samaganizira maiko awo. Amangoti bola iwo zikuwayendera. Anthu oipa mitima kwambiri don’t trust them. Aliyense akalowa m’boma amaganiza zakuba mmalo mokonza dziko.


    • Lol Well, they have real points though their intention is questionable. But Africa going in the right direction is something which would need more drastic measures

  25. malawi!!! Prayers cn rule dis dziko fairly nt anthu okanika kuyankhulawa.Am nt blonging 2 any party bt mmm lets 4get dat w av apresdent coz thy r jst fulfiln dere desires by havn unnecessary journeys !!Malawi Kumpanje2!!!

  26. we were better without him,he must go back where he come from.he was just a university teacher but Malawians think to be a professor he is more educated . impeach this idiot

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