Malawi government hails Chambo Fisheries

Chambo Fisheries Pond

The Malawi Government has applauded strides set aside by Chambo Fisheries  in the quest to improve the country’s aquaculture industry.

Speaking to journalists after touring the state of the art Bio-Floc Water system, Minister of Agriculture, Dr Allan Chiyembekeza said that it was a welcome development for Chambo Fisheries to come up with the idea of enhancing the farms.

Chambo Fisheries Pond
Chambo Fisheries pond.

Chiyembekeza said that since the dependence on fish consumption was only titlted to importation and Lake Malawi, a new way out was having ponds like the one Chambo has.

“As government, we must say that this is a very welcome development. I have been passing by here when going to the constituency but never knew there was a lot of work being done here. Since our dependence was only on the Lake Malawi and other imports on fish, it was overdue for such companies to roll out such a project. As you have seen with me, this project is very good for the economy and the country’s developmet”.

He went ahead to say that government will fully support Chambo Fisheries in its operations, while arguing any other companies to borrow a leaf from Chambo Fisheries.

Speaking to reporters later on, Chief Executive Officer, Muhammed Ismail Aboo, said that it was time for Malawi to stop importing fish from neighbouring countries arguing that Chambo Fisheries is now the answer to all needs people have.

Aboo while saying there remains need for government to help the industry disclosed that the at the moment, Chambo Fisheries produces 800 tons of fish in one year.

The farm which makes the fish ready after 168 days, has now stared selling out the fish to leading restaurants in town like Superior Halaal as well as Crazy Foods.

The company says it intends to bring back the lost tag Malawi wore as having the best fish.

“We at Chambo Fisheries noted that due to the extensive extinction of Chambo, some of the effects were malnutrition, which we believe by breeding the fish here, will add miscellaneous nutrients to Malawi” said Aboo.

Muhammed Ismail Aboo
Aboo says Malawi now has a trusted fish pond

However the company says that at the moment, it is not exporting the fish with the intention of letting the locals enjoying the fish before any exportation plans roll out.

The parent fish is initially put under the Bio-Floc Water system whose maximum temperatures are 29 degrees Celsius, under a special kind of heating and lighting.

In here, the parents do mate and the eggs are later taken to incubators after three weeks.

Aboo says that the water system is also very powerful as special machineries are meant to filter any kind of dirt from the water.

The incubators separate the eggs until they start turning into small fish for about at least a week.

The other processes, entail letting the fish grow with all day, all night automated feeding system in the tanks whose water is also cleaned automatically.

The $14 Million (MK 6.9) Billion investment has roped in local labour of about 200 people within the area and the entire country.

The orders can be made by calling 0212841444.

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