Malawian Children malnourished due to hunger

Malnutrition Malawi
Malawi children malnourished. (

Almost half of Malawian Children are currently reported malnourished due to the severe drought and food crisis the country is going through.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), there are strong fears on the detereoritating health of Malawian Children as most of them are dying due to malnutrition resulted from lack of food in many households across the country.

Commenting on the matter, the Country Director of UNICEF, Mahimbo Ndowe said the situation is worrisome because almost half of the children in the country are malnourished.

And according to the latest vulnerability assessment committee figures more than 2.8 million people will face hunger in the coming lean season following severe drought that ruined this year’s harvest.

Recently, President Peter Mutharika called on international humanitarian community to help in the food crisis facing the country.



  1. People saying vote wisely and blaming thus entirely on the government. Unless malawians get it through there heads that its there own fault, thats when things will change. Dont blame everything on the government. Its mostly our fault

  2. aftr wastn billionz of money thru cashgate nd aznzak nw Malawi ix in severe povrty!! it is somthn wch iz un-sagacious 2hear dat,,and i av hed dat makape ena ake av gvn us 9.somthn billion kwacha so ma query iz wats ds money for?? anenepese mimba zao yet our relatvs kumudz r suffrn,,hw do thy 3l wen thy r eatn our khobidiz??check dis out

    1. Thats the governments money. To use for roads, bridges, medicine, and other things. But your also right. Too many people are putting thus money in there pockets

  3. #Edgarzo which Northern region? Mesa kwanuko mumaberekana ngati nkhuku nkomwe kuli njala I even wonder if your aMalawian dig the facts of hunger,iliterate, and poverty of this massacared country

  4. That’s what you should be talking not that bullshit story of pope francis.Leave him alone,atleast he’s helping so many people.

  5. Lilikuti amzanga dzikolija,no more food,peace,love and trust,Koma ena akumadzikundikira matumba achuma kudzela mabungwe most of pipo who suffering are from rural areas,

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