Malawians detained in South Africa

Lindela RSA

Malawians who were arrested in a mass crackdown on illegal immigrants soon after the xenophobic attacks in South Africa are still detained at Lindela Repatriation Centre, Malawi24 has learnt.

Malawi24 spoke to several Malawians on the streets of Johannesburg and Durban which were hotspots of the attacks. They revealed that people arrested in the mass joint operation by South African Defence Force (SADF), Home Affairs Officials and other security groups have not yet been repatriated to their respective countries.

Lindela RSA
Malawians at Lindela in RSA.

“I am receiving calls from home to update them on the arrest of my nephew some months ago. I have no any information when he will be repatriated,” said Brenda Banda whose nephew is detained at Lindela.

Another Malawian who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “It is very painful to be detained for more than three months at Lindela. We know they are just staying there waiting for their repatriation but this is stressing.”

The Malawians were arrested for living in South Africa without proper documentation. The mass arrests were made in the months of April, May, June and July soon after the Xenophobic attacks in an operation widely known as Fiela.

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  1. Ulemu komanso salute ya mfuti 21 kwa alenje onse ozisaka amene aliku lindela. ngwazi zonse zilikumeneko ulemu!!! winawe nde ugeye fodya kulalata fweto fweto fweto shupiti anzako akuzisaka iwe ngati ulibho khala chete uzingotaya mphepo chapansipansi. Mabwana nonse kulindela mutuluka moyo siunathe mbuzi ndizaku embassy kuziwa kuphika tiyi mm ketulo basi. mxx!

  2. A Embassy akupangilaposo ndlama, amafuna R500 kuti akupangire mapepala ! Munthu wamangidwa ndalama uyitenga kuti ? Any logic here ?

  3. I agree with U Naphi, I know Lindela very well this is bcoz of our embassy other pipo like from Mocambique, Zim n Lesotho they don’t take long there but MALAWI mmmmmm three months is small but someone is getting money here saing that he z working while his pipo r diying.

  4. Amos Chiphwisi Mwambisi. Eya am agree with Moffat coz wakufa saziwa kanthu biih! The Bible tod me so.angofa nkuiwalika.ndipo sakumbukila kanthu…….(wakapumula ku zovuta ndi zolemesa za moyo uno) hope u understand me.

  5. Why most of Malawians r living a troublesome lyf n other country while others enjoying here n mW we need to take a steep

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  7. Yes its because of yo idiot embassy n the staff who r refusing to go n sign 4 those pple, not just saying got the evidence. So dnt blame the SA govt blame the so called malawian embassy

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