Sex worker kills man in Nkhotakota


Malawi Police in Nkhotakota are keeping in custody a 22-year-old sex worker for allegedly murdering a 26-year-old man at Mwansambo Trading Centre in the district over infidelity disagreements.

According to Nkhotakota Police spokesperson Williams Kaponda, on Friday the suspect Memory Chikanga and the deceased Mark Manuel were drinking beer at a bar around the trading centre.

“Later, Chikanga excused herself saying she wanted to change her clothes at a rest house where she was lodging.  After some time, the deceased followed the sex worker to the rest house.

Blood.“When Manuel reached the room in which the suspect lodged, he found her having sex with another man a development that angered him,” said Kaponda.

According to Kaponda, a quarrel started between the two before the suspect snatched a Carlsberg bottle from the deceased, broke it on the ground and then thrust it into his neck.

“Well-wishers took Manuel to Mwansambo Health Centre where he was pronounced dead.  A medical report shows that he died due excessive loss of blood,” said Kaponda

Meanwhile, Chikanga is expected to appear before a court where she will answer murder charges.

Chikanga hails from Futi village in the area of Traditional Authority Kalonga in Salima district while the deceased hailed from Mtemanyanga village in the area of Traditional Authority Mwansambo in Nkhotakota district.



  1. That picture is just emphasising bloodshed don’t be confused guys or its a logo for bloodshed.

  2. That picture guys is just emphasising bloodshed don’t be confused guys or its a logo for bloodshed.

  3. Tikhale nae mmodzi,sapanga chibwezi hule aja ndi achikwere ikadzadza bus amaitanila inaso.

  4. malawi24 do u fail take the actual picture 4 the news,z this not the same blood dots u used 2 file the story saying a man from machinga has killed his father?though true but use the exact pictures

  5. Awo ndi amene amalezera nkukagona ku room ndi munthu woti sukumudziwa, bwanji osangoshauwa nkutuluka! Ma hule ngochenjera kwambiri akaona cash.Sorry!

  6. Uhv to interview the Sex Workers Association of Malawi,s members they should have a reason y Manuel have bn killed

  7. mmm what has gotten into these womans head nowadays?.. this year weman are jist killing their husband and Hules killing men.. whats hapeng to this wworld?…

  8. Wafela nyini yotanuka ameneyo. Wapha kawiri koyamba kumupatsa HIV kachiwiri kumukhumula machende. Azengedwe mlandu wakupha munthu mmodzi kawiri.

  9. incomplete newz malawi 24 if u r tired plz leave it to nyasa dont waste our time with ur short story why dont you finish all news rather u cat some lyk mumangotipatsa nkhani mwachdule where do u tink we can get breave

    1. man nyasa newz dot av link awawa amangotenga panyasa jst check photo en compare it with of past dyz amat abambo adaphedwa kuhanymun amatibalalitsa

  10. I think this photo was already used in mzimba a man was killed. While he was in honeymoon,, by gungs and today we see here again which is which

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