Private School owner nabbed stealing books from public schools


Police in Malawi capital city Lilongwe have nabbed a 25 year old man who owns a private school and other two for being suspected to have broken into Ministry of education’s warehouse and stolen books and boxes of chalk belonging to Malawi government.

A report made available to Malawi24 shows that the school owner, Greyson Chiyimba, 41 from Kasera village, Traditional Authority Lukwa of Praise Private Primary school in area 50 got nabbed with other two suspects and broke the warehouse.


The report say the other two are Yonas Banda, 25 from Khomani village T/A Chiseka in Lilongwe and Francis Gunda, 41 from Kaunda village in the area of Traditional Authority Kaphuka in Dedza district both workers of Armtech Security Company.

On September 17, police officers who were patroling the area came across Gunda and Banda carrying bags containing books and boxes of chalk.

The two suspects failed to defend themselves as to where they have took the books which has been identified to be properties of Malawi government.

The two got arrested on the spot and it was later revealed that more books were being kept at Chiyimba’s house where the police rushed and found them and nabbed the owner of school.

The three suspects who are in hands of the police, will soon appear before Mkukula first grade magistrate court on 21 September where they will answer charges of breaking into a building and commits felony which is contrary to section 311 of the penal code.



  1. that is transfering.ndipo boma limayenera kuwalipira anthu amenewa pa ntchito yomwe agwira

  2. I dont kno y most Malawians talk as if it’s their asses that think. Somebody has been caught stealing and de majority here are saying there’s nothing wrong coz he’s just transfering the books from one xul to another, really?

  3. They were not stealing but transfering to the schools that the government ignorant and selfishnes they are not suplying them with books as if they are teaching foreigners yet malawians r benifitng.

  4. ndaikira nkhaniyi chifukwa sindikumvesetsa chizunguchi in the intro ndikumva ngat owner of the school is 25yrs old in the second paragraph akut 41yrs old basi sindimamva chizungu ine zaine muzindilembera mchichewa.

  5. Where Were The Watchmen By The Time They Were Doing Such Ferony? Arrest Them,l Think The Watchmen They Know Smethng.

  6. Where Were The Watchmen By The Time They Were Doing Such Ferony? Arrest Them,l Think The Watchmen They Know Smethng.

  7. #BOOKGATE #KKKKK aboma amapusa amaona ngati azawo sawafuna ma book eti.adachitabwina becz akukaphuzitsila ana amalawiso!

  8. kodi iwe olemba wa malawi 24,which school did u go to?owner 25yrs and two suspects….then owner 41yrs…timve ziti kwenkweni?

  9. Why own a schoo if you cannot afford to run it? And Security officers? Stealing when you should be guarding?

  10. Tidzingolemba mu chichewa nkhanizi komanso ndemangazi.English yanu ndiyomvetsa chisoni.Malawi 24, make me your news editor, it shows you do not have any & if you have there is nothing happening.

  11. It’s True?Sometimes Malawi24 It’s Telling To Pple Of Malawi’s Long Storyz But How We Can Beleive It, Am Here To Listen U Malawi24 That

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