Mzuzu Prison begins Fish Harvest

Mzuzu prison

Mzuzu Prison has commenced harvesting fish from its ponds, yielding 3,083 fish on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

This milestone follows the revival of the fish farming project in November 2023 aimed at enhancing food supplements for inmates, particularly those with underlying health conditions, and generating income.

The prison initially stocked 5,000 Chambo-type fingerlings, which have multiplied to thousands. Currently, the station has six ponds filled with fish. Of the harvested fish, 1,686 were distributed to inmates, while the remaining were sold to officers, generating K75,000.

Speaking to Acting Station Officer, A/supt Joseph Kumimba, expressed enthusiasm for the project’s potential, citing its benefits in food supplements and income generation.

“As you can see, this harvest from two ponds alone will benefit all inmates, and we’ve generated significant revenue. We will continue and improve this farming initiative,” he said.

Glr Evalisto Kapesi, the officer responsible for fish farming, reported that the project is progressing well, with fish multiplying rapidly. However, he highlighted the challenge of purchasing feeds. With a normal capacity of 450 inmates, Mzuzu Prison currently houses 843 prisoners.


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