Mtukula Pakhomo beneficiaries to increase in Mzimba


The Deputy Director responsible for social cash transfers in the Ministry of Gender, Community, and Social Services, Lawrence Kansinjro, says that Mzimba District will have more beneficiaries of the social cash transfer program starting this year.

Speaking on Monday in Mzimba during a meeting with members of the district executive committee and chiefs, Kansinjro said the beneficiaries are set to increase from the current 13,800 to 21, 000.

“From the current 5,241 beneficiaries in Mzimba North, we will now have 8,237, while from the current 8,643 beneficiaries in Mzimba South, we expect to have 13,441,”  he said.

In his remarks, the chief social welfare officer in the Ministry responsible for social cash transfers, Anastasia Matewere, said this year new beneficiaries are set to be enrolled in the program.

“After about four years, we are expected to enrol new beneficiaries this year. This means some will be graduating and others will be enrolled. Of course, some will be maintained, but we expect to drop some and enrol some,” said Matewere.

Matewere said 80 per cent of the current beneficiaries will be dropped while 20 per cent will be maintained.