Rampant Railway Accidents worries Authorities in Machinga

Marka Bangula railway section in Malawi under construction by Malawi Government

Authorities in Machinga have lamented the growing cases of railway accidents in the District.

The development follows an accident which has claimed the life of a 16-year-old girl, Shakira Fedson, who died after being bit by a moving locomotive as she was in the process of crossing the railway on Monday morning.

According to the district’s police publicist, Sergeant Western Kansire, the girl was hit by a moving train as she was in the process of crossing the railway line.

He lamented that cases of railway accidents are gradually becoming an issue of concern in the district, urging people living along the railway catchment area to always exercise caution when crossing the railway.

He added that this accident brings the total number of railway accidents to four, this year alone.

The late Shakira Fedson hailed from Chisuwi village, in the area of Traditional Authority Mchinguza in the district.


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