Tilime Chamba, Tigulitse Chamba – Ras Chikomeni

Ras Chikomeni

The Chamba Awareness Campaign, spearheaded by Ras Chikomeni Chirwa, is hosting an event tomorrow, May 25th, at Zolozolo Botanic Garden in Mzuzu. 

The event is themed ‘Tilime Chamba, Tigulitse Chamba’ and coincides with Africa Day, a day celebrated to commemorate the unity of Black people.

According to Ras Chikomeni, this particular day serves as a symbolic reminder of national unity for the people. 

“As such, I intend to use the platform to speak out against issues like segregation and nepotism, to eradicate these problems that undermine national cohesion,” says Chikomeni.

He adds that the public discourse around Chamba has been dominated by negative narratives. They aim to clear up these misconceptions by highlighting the substantiated therapeutic and medical advantages of Chamba.

The guest speaker for the event is Priest Ras Khumalo. The event will also include a live band performance and a football match.


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