MCP open to constructive dialogue

Vitumbiko Mumba

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says it remains open to constructive dialogue and feedback from religious and community leaders clarifying MCP’s stance on the matter of the newly adopted policy that only those who have been members of the party for more than 2 years and held a position in the party, are eligible to contest at the elective conference planned for August, 2024.

The party says the decision does not mean that the party is opposed to welcoming new members or that their voices and opinions are not valued saying the party is actively encouraging individuals to join and participate in the political process.

The Party says during national conventions, the MCP believes it is essential to adhere to a specific set of guidelines to maintain internal stability and unity observing that the MCP has its internal mechanisms for ensuring the stability, unity and success of the party.

In a statement signed by MCP National Publicity Secretary Ezekiel Ching’oma, the MCP says one significant aspect of ensuring the stability, unity and success of the party is creating opportunities for existing members from Areas, Constituencies, and Regional committees to progress and take up leadership roles within the party.

“By prioritizing incumbents of different positions in the party, the MCP seeks to reward and acknowledge the dedication and contributions of long-standing members who have worked tirelessly for the party’s ideals and objectives,” reads part of the MCP statement.

The MCP was responding to a statement dated 22nd May 2024 released by the Young Pastors Network (YPN) calling upon the party to rescind the decision of the newly adopted policy because it is not only undemocratic and unconstitutional but also how it was adopted leaves a lot to be desired.

In the statement signed by YPN President Pastor Webster Kameme and Secretary General Pastor Tusafye Mbeye, the YPN has asked the MCP Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka not to abuse his powers and stop dictating who the delegates should be.

The YPN says it finds the newly adopted policy in conflict not only with the MCP’s Constitution but also with the Malawi Constitution observing that the MCP Constitution empowers the NEC to formulate policies from time to time to manage the party effectively.

The Network has argued that no provision empowers NEC to come up with policies that contradict the Constitution saying any changes to the Constitution are done by delegates during a Convention.


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