Local Government constructs 30 bridges and other projects

Transforming Agriculture through Diversification and Entrepreneurship, (TRADE)

Transforming Agriculture through Diversification and Entrepreneurship, (TRADE) program under the Ministry of Local Government says it has spent K2 billion to construct about 30 bridges and other projects to support rural farmers access markets easily.

As journalists are touring some projects, the organization’s Knowledge Management and Communication specialist, Oscar Roy Ulili said the interventions are being done to promote agriculture commercialization.

“In total, we have a funding of over K20 billion for infrastructure development like construction of bridges, brick fences for milk bulking centers, and rehabilitation of roads so that farmers are engaged in agriculture commercialization,” said Ulili.

Some Dairy farmers, Elesi Kalilombe from the Somba area in Blanytre and Clemence Masauli from the Mphuka area in Thyolo say the new bridges and milk storage facilities have improved their lives citing Nasundu and Matope bridges at Mpemba and Chizinja bridge at Mphuka area.

TRADE is working in 11 districts including Blantyre, Thyolo, Lilongwe, Mchinji Kasungu, and Rumphi.

The bridges take a special role, due to their function to connect two different points, crossing valleys, rivers, lakes, and cliffs. Bridges are needed on land transportation infrastructure because they connect different points that usually can be inaccessible.

Countries with agricultural productivity growth and robust agriculture infrastructure also have higher per capita incomes, since producers in these countries innovate through technology and farm management practices to boost agricultural productivity and profitability.

Agricultural commercialization and centralization lead to improved productivity and overall market value. Malawi Vision 2063 highlights that a barrier to growth in this sector is widespread farming subsidies. If everyone is subsidized for farming, then it is hard to encourage centralization


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