Onesimus Muzik’s “Controller” Hits 100 Million Views

Onesimus Muzik

Onesimus hit song “Controller” has taken TikTok by storm. From dance challenges to lip-sync videos, users worldwide have embraced African Butter’s track, turning it into a global sensation.

The Malawi music industry has long faced challenges in gaining international recognition. Limited resources, infrastructure, and exposure have hindered artists from reaching wider audiences.

Controller gets a 100 million views TikTok plank

However, “Controller” defies those constraints. Its viral success demonstrates that talent knows no boundaries and that Malawi musicians are now competing on a global stage.

In the past few weeks, Nigerian sensational artist Rudebwoy posted a TikTok video of his wife jamming to the song.

Onesimus Muzik’s achievement inspires other Malawian artists to dream big. TikTok, as a global platform, allows artists to connect directly with fans worldwide.

With the spotlight on Onesimus Muzik, record labels and investors are likely to tap into the untapped pool of Malawian artists.


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