AFORD pulling in different directions

Peter Mutharika

It appears that there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication within the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) regarding an endorsement for Arthur Peter Mutharika in the upcoming 2025 elections.

Yeremiah Chihana, a Member of Parliament from Mzimba North, publicly endorsed Mutharika during a rally, which was broadcasted by Times Television. 

However, this endorsement was clarified by AFORD as being Chihana’s personal opinion and not an official stance of the party.

Chihana has endorsed Mutharika.

AFORD, through a press statement by their Publicity Secretary Annie Maluwa, made it clear that Yeremiah Chihana’s endorsement does not reflect the party’s position.

The statement also emphasized that the official party candidate for the 2025 presidential election will be its president, Enock Kanzingeni Chihana (EKC).

Further, the party also stressed that any future endorsements or significant decisions will be communicated officially through proper channels, underscoring that Chihana’s statements should be regarded as his own and not representative of the party’s views or decisions.


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