Illovo Sugar to aid 16000 households with maize flour in Chikwawa


Illovo Sugar Malawi plc has started distributing maize flour in  Chikwawa with 16000 households expected to be the beneficiaries.

Chikwawa district is currently hunger-stricken following constant cyclonic weather which has been adverse to peoples’ settlement and farming in most of its areas. 

In a move to reach out to the victims of hunger in the district, Illovo has since pledged to provide thousands with the help of maize flour.

Today, April 23, the sugar company was in the area of Paramount Chief Lundu in the district where it distributed over 3,500 bags of maize flour weighing 25kg each.

Speaking at the event, General Manager for Nchalo Estate Ricky Pillay said the donation is part of their commitment towards improving the welfare of the communities they serve and the realization of thriving Malawian communities.

Pillay indicated that the company has been confronted with the stark reality of hunger in the Chikwawa district due to the El Nino weather phenomena, hence the MK439.7 million worthy donation.

“I am proud to announce that today Illovo Sugar is donating maize flour to the residents of Paramount Chief Lundu. This donation, totalling 16,000 bags of 25 kgs each, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to alleviating the suffering of those affected by food scarcity. 

“Our decision to make this donation was guided by a sense of duty and compassion for our fellow Malawians. We recognize that access to necessities such as food is a fundamental human right, and it is incumbent upon us as a business to do our part in ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry,” explained Pillay.

The General Manager further assured residents of the district that his company will stand in solidarity with them during this challenging time as they did when the district was hit by the devastating twin Cyclones Ana and Freddy.

“We would like to reiterate our commitment to extend a hand of support to the communities in times of need. As our purpose states we are committed to the creation of thriving Malawian Communities wherever we exist,” he added.

Paramount Chief Lundu thanked Illovo Sugar company for always coming to the rescue of people in the district, particularly his area.

Recently, Illovo hiked its product prices and it is currently unable to meet supply demand as domestic consumers continue to stand in queues to buy limited packets of sugar.


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