CDEDI to conduct demos on 25 April over sexual abuse case at Shayona Cement Company

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The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) says it will conduct peaceful demonstrations on 25th April 2024, to seek justice for the housekeeper of former Shayona Cement Corporation Assistant Manager, Jayesh Kumar Dalwad on allegations that he was sexually abusing the worker.

This follows the expiry of the seven days that CDEDI gave the Managing Director for the company, Mr. Patel on April 10, 2024, stemming from a revelation that the company’s Assistant Manager for the Kanego Office, Jayesh Kumar Dalwad was sexually abusing a male housekeeper and another female junior employee as a condition to keeping their jobs.

According to a letter from CDEDI Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa to Lilongwe District Council, the High Commissioner for India, and Shayona Cement Corporation, the protests will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2024, from 10 am starting from Civo Upper Stadium to the Indian High Commissioner’s office where a petition will be presented.

Namiwa stated that the High Commissioner at the Indian Embassy should be aware of the things that their foreign nationals do to the young people and other vulnerable sections of this country, in terms of treating them as sex objects.

Apart from that, Namiwa said a junior officer is battling for his life after he was mercilessly beaten by his Chinese bosses in Chikwawa district.

“Our District Commissioner you can agree with us that these foreign nationals of which some stay and work in the country illegally are treating us with outright contempt.

CDEDI demands that Mr. Patel should do the following; undertake to cooperate with the Malawi Police through the Indian High Commission in Malawi to ensure that the suspect faces the law, makes a public apology, ensure that the victims recover from trauma, compensate the victims, and demonstrate that the law was followed in hiring the suspect and the rest of foreign nationals currently working at Shayona Cement Corporation,” he explained.

He added that the demonstrations will be followed with vigils at Shayona Head Office Area 4 Lilongwe until the demands are met.

Namiwa also emphasized that holding peaceful demonstrations is a constitutional right therefore, the letter seeks to notify the DC office for proper planning not asking for permission.

Meanwhile, Lilongwe District Council has called for a meeting with CDEDI, Lilongwe Police Station, and the High Commission of India on Wednesday, 23rd of April, a date before the demonstrations to discuss the matter.