Civil Service Trade Union elects new leadership


The Civil Service Trade Union has elected its new office bearers in an election held on Saturday 13, April 2024 at the Simama Hotel in Lilongwe.

Lameck Magawa, who works at Chitipa District Council, emerged as the union president after securing 59 votes, defeating Andrew Mahuka, who had 45 votes.

The newly elected president has underscored the need to bring CSTU back to its old days when civil servants enjoyed it.

Magawa-New Cival Servant Trade Union President.

“I am thrilled to assume the office of the president of the Civil Service Trade Union. My first thing to do is to go through all the records in the office. I am going to sit down with executive members so that we revamp and bring back the glory of the union,” said Magawa.

Other elected members are Andrew Mahuka, who has taken the position of Vice President, and Titha Gomani, who was elected as Secretary General.

The position of Treasure General has gone to Joseph Kalonjere, while Connex Duncan, Vice Treasure General.

The outgoing CSTU president, Joseph M’dambo, who didn’t contest, has wished the new leadership all the best in discharging their duties.

The Civil Service Trade Union was formed in 1995, focusing on safeguarding and making sure that the welfare of the employees is taken care of.