Youths make a U-turn on demonstrations over Israel trip-YAS intervenes


Some Malawian youths who are seeking employment in Israel under the Labour Export agreement between the Malawi Government and the Israel Government made a U-turn on the demonstrations they planned to have in Lilongwe today.

The concerned youths wanted to protest against the government’s decision to delay them from leaving for Israel for work where other Malawian youths are already working as part of the agreement.

Earlier this week, the youths were displaced by Malawi Police when they gathered at the Capital Hotel Round About in Lilongwe where they wanted Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera to intervene on their issue, but they were ordered by the Law enforcers to vacate the premises because they did not seek any permission from authorities to hold vigils. 

Some of them, who had already completed the process, were protesting against the delays that would see their documents expiring before traveling to the Jewish nation.

But on Tuesday, the District Commissioner for Lilongwe permitted them to demonstrate on Wednesday to deliver their petition, something which they put on hold, saying they decided to have a peaceful march and deliver it in silence.

Lead organizer for the grouping, Topson Maganga also revealed that they will meet the authorities on Thursday for an engagement meeting which has been mediated by the Youth and Society. 

Speaking in an Interview with Malawi24, Youth and Society executive Director, Charles Kajoloweka said they decided to intervene on the matter because the youths have genuine concerns which need to be addressed by the government.

The concerns that are being raised by the youths are genuine -Kajoloweka.

“The government has a responsibility to provide information to the public when an issue arises and this issue at hand needs to be addressed by the authorities because the concerns that are being raised by these youths are genuine and we hope that the arranged meeting will provide them with answers. We believe that the government will play its role to ensure that the issue is sorted,” Kajoloweka explained.

He also advised the government to be transparent on the Israel deal to avoid further delays that might also prove very costly to the youths who are already struggling due to the economic hardships in the country.

“I believe that it is in the interest of the government as well to ensure that these young people have access to this kind of opportunities and we demand to know how the government is handling this issue and the timeline given to this process so that these youths are assisted,” he added.

Kajoloweka further revealed that his organization has secured another meeting with Minister of Finance, Simplex Chitchola Banda who will extend the invitation to the Ministry of Labour,  Foreign Affairs, Commissioner of Labour, Ministry of Youth, National Youth Council of Malawi, MHRC, and National Advocacy platform.


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