DPP says the Tonse Alliance regime has failed the nation

Malawi APM

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says since the Tonse Alliance took over government in 2020, the lives of Malawians have been worse off and the party agrees with the recent research findings under Afrobarometer.

A recent pan-African think tank on governance research findings indicated that Malawians have lost hope and citizens are living amidst economic gloom.The Afrobarometer findings highlighted that 9 out of 10 Malawians (89%) say the country is heading in the wrong direction.

In a statement released by the DPP, signed by its Spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba, the DPP has expressed concern over the current state of affairs in the country saying Chakwera has failed to manage the cost of living in the country.

“The Chakwera administration has failed to manage the cost of living which is rising every day. People’s incomes have dwindled. For the few people that have jobs, salaries continue to lose buying power and the majority can no longer afford to meet the basic needs such as food, housing rentals, transport fares, and payment of school fees for children,” indicated part of the statement.

The DPP added that the increase in the price of maize in the country is a sign that MCP and Tonse Alliance have mismanaged the food security sector where maize prices are unaffordable and too high at over K40,000 per bag of 50 Kg.

“Over 4.4 million people are affected by a serious hunger crisis. The Chakwera administration is killing people with hunger. In contrast, the price of maize was only K8,000 per bag in 2020 when DPP left office. The DPP government made sure that maize was available at affordable prices,” said the DPP.

The statement further highlighted that the Chakwera government has killed the economy as inflation is 33.8% and food inflation is over 40%.

The opposition party has also said that Malawians are scrambling for essential commodities such as sugar which is selling at an exorbitant price and it is worrisome.