Govt asked to deal with companies caught selling sugar at exorbitant price


A renowned business tycoon in Karonga, Lenzo Kiyombo, has asked government to revoke business licenses for all companies that were caught selling sugar at exorbitant price.

The call comes after the ministry of trade and industry announced the closure of some sugar selling outlets in Lilongwe for overpricing the product.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Kiyombo said culprits need tough penalties than just closing their shops.

He said poor Malawians are suffering to buy sugar because of such “evil” individuals.

“What they’re doing is just the same as killing poor Malawians because they’re blocking them to access sugar. While I am commending government for sealing their shops, they also need to revoke their business licenses. This will be like a big lesson to others,” he said.

Kiyombo has also disclosed that together with some concerned business operators, he is planning to hold demonstrations against all shop owners that are selling sugar at exorbitant price.

He said preparations for such demos are at advance stage.

“We shall make noise and sleep at their shops to show our anger until they change their behavior,” he disclosed.

Kiyombo, however, thanked government for showing seriousness in dealing with the issue in order to let every Malawians have the access to buy sugar.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Sosten Gwengwe was not picking up our phone call when contacted.

But executive director for Youths Action Campaign (YAC), Jackson Msiska described Kiyombo’s call as valid.

Speaking in a phone interview, Msiska said government should not entertain such traders.

Some of the shops which were sealed include Romana Trading, Chou Chou in area 2 and Shalom shop in area 25 as well as Simama General Dealers shop at Nsungwi in area 25.

The shops were caught selling a bale of sugar at K69, 000 instead of recommended K37, 5000.


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