New ‘minor’ changes to national teams


The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has announced some changes to the Men’s Senior and Under 20 national teams’ technical panels.

The two teams are currently preparing for the upcoming four nations tournament that will be hosted at Bingu National Stadium later this month.

FAM has maintained Eliya Kananji as Patrick Mabedi’s assistant, but he will be joined by Charles Kamanga, who has been included as the assistant coach.

FCB Nyasa Big Bullets’ Team Manager James Chilapondwa has been roped in as the Assistant Technical Support Manager who will be under James Sangala, with Silver Strikers’s Taonga Chimodzi being named as a Data Analyst.

Peter Mgangira and Victor Mphande have been maintained as the Physical Fitness Trainer and Goalkeeper’s trainer, respectively, while Levison Mwale has returned as the Team Doctor.

In the Under 20, Bob Mpinganjira has replaced Declerk Msakakuona as the head coach, with Milias Pofera and Enos Chatama coming in as the first and second assistant coaches, respectively.

McDonald Yobe, Nicholas Mhango, and Vincent Gona have been named Fitness Trainer, Team Manager, and Goalkeeper’s trainer, while Audro Makonyola is the Technical Advisor.

Below is the full list for the panels:

Malawi Men’s Senior national team

  1. Head Coach- Patrick Mabedi
  2. Assistant Coach- Charles Kamanga
  3. Assistant Coach- Eliya Kananji
  4. Technical Advisor- Aubrey Nankhuni
  5. Goalkeepers Trainer- Victor Mphande
  6. Physical Fitness Trainer- Peter Mgangira
  7. Data Analyst- Taonga Chimodzi
  8. Technical Support Manager- James Sangala
  9. Assistant Technical Support Manager- James Chilapondwa
  10. Team Doctor- Levison Mwale
  11. Physiotherapist- Dexter Killi
  12. Chaplain- Chancy Gondwe
  13. Equipment Manager- Richard Justin

Under 20 National team

  1. Head Coach – Bob Mpinganjira
  2. 1st Assistant Coach- Milias Pofera
  3. 2nd Assistant -Enos Chatama
  4. Fitness Trainer- Mcdonald Yobe
  5. Team Manager- Nicholas Mhango
  6. Goalkeeper Trainer -Vincent Gona
  7. Technical Advisor- Audro Mason Makonyola
  8. Team Doctor- Victor Jobo