Long term preparations key to successful music shows


In the past few years music shows in Malawi faced challenges to thrive due to lack of management particularly in the urban sphere.

However, lack of good preparations has been a major aspect that wreak the success of music shows.

No wonder it was a rocket science for the urban music circle to fill up spacious venues such as Comesa Hall, Robins Park, Golf Clubs and Stadiums.

Famous artists like Lucius Banda, the Black Missionaries, Lulu, Skeffa Chimoto and others were the only ones who could relevantly fill-up such places because of a good management and organizing team.

Late recognition of urban music in the country and artists not engaging managers also facilitated inefficiency of their events.

Now the game has changed as urban music is currently dominating in all entertainment aspects across the country and beyond boarders.

The lacking parts have been resolved as urban artists would engage managers and have good preparations.

Muliya says preparations bring good results.

In a conversation with Steve Wazisomo Muliya, who is expected to have a show in May this year in Lilongwe, highlighted that planning is crucial as long term preparations bring more partners to support the event.

“Even the scriptures talk about a farmer who prepared on sowing which signifies preparation is important for good results,” said Wazisomo.

Phyzix is also set to hold a show in Mzuzu dubbed ‘Mountain Goat Concert’ in July this year.

“We are able to observe what is happening in other countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, USA just to mention a few. Some of the artists that I love and follow do long term preparations on their main events,” said Phyzix.

‘I consider my fans when preparing for a show’ -Gwamba

In conclusion, Gwamba who is geared to host a concert in Lilongwe in September this year said good adverts need time.

“Considering my fans that are not financially stable long term preparations help them to budget accordingly for the event,” he concluded.