UK nationals no longer require VISA to enter Malawi

President Lazarus Chakwera has removed VISA restrictions for nationals from 79 countries including United Kingdom, China, United States, Russia and Germany as well as nationals from Southern African countries excluding countries which subject Malawians to VISA.

Malawi Government through the Ministry of Homeland Security  has gazetted the Immigration (Amendment) Regulations, 2024, on 7 January, 2024, which removes the VISA restrictions.

People who will be allowed to enter Malawi  without VISA also include those from Maldives, Canada, Australia, Ghana, Belgium, Gambia and France.

The UK Embassy in Malawi has since urged people to take time and visit Malawi where they can enjoy enjoy a range of popular tourist attractions such as Lake Malawi, Mulanje Mountain and Zomba Plateau.

Posting on X, UK High Commissioner in Malawi Fiona Ritchie said: “Brilliant for tourists and brilliant for Malawi’s economic growth. 🇬🇧 friends and colleagues what are you waiting for?!”

Malawi Minister of Tourism has since described the move as a bold leap towards a brighter tomorrow, saying it will unleash the untapped potential of Malawi and invite the world to experience its wonders firsthand.

“Malawi, the radiant heart of Africa, now beckons travelers from every corner of the globe with open arms. From the majesty of our landscapes to the warmth of our hospitality, every moment spent in our embrace promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

“As we chart our course towards Malawi 2063, envision a future where our nation stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. With each visa waiver, we pave the way for new connections, cultural exchanges, and economic opportunities that will enrich our lives and empower our communities,” said Kamtukule in a post o Facebook.

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