Producer Pro Pee pained after  receiving K2,678 as royalties from COSOMA

Producer Pro Pee pained after receiving K2,678 as loyalties from COSOMA

Well known Music Producer  Pro pee has complained after  receiving K2,678 as royalties from Copyright Association of Malawi (COSOMA) as an artist.

Pro Pee whose real name is Percy Manyozo   wrote on his Facebook page that his recent experience with COSOMA regarding the announcement they made a few weeks  ago about disbursing royalties to artist who have performed well disturbed and  left him with many so questions.

He said that after hearing about the news that artists are receiving loyalties from COSOMA, he took some time off work and headed to the office two days later, to see , as an artist if could also receive his share.

“The person in charge of the payment asked me to check with him via WhatsApp to find out how much COSOMA had allocated to me only to find out that my money was K2, 678. Upon hearing this I was very disappointed considering that I am the one who have made many artists to be popular.

“I was pained on that day. Malawi Music industry does not and I repeat does not favor music producers. When the musicians are swimming in pool of money, what do you think the producers should do so that they can be on the same status with the musicians? Should they start join the industry or should they raise their prices ? What do you think?,” reads part of his statement.

He went on to say that the producers deserve the best in everything because they are the road to success as far as music industry is concerned such that they should be recognized at any cost.

Pro pee made hits for big names including Piksy, Armstrong, Maskal and Hyphen.

Last month, several musicians received royalties in the range of K1 million to K5 million.

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