DC irked after pub opens near Mzimba council offices

Mzimba District Commissioner Rodney Simwaka has expressed his displeasure over the opening over of a pub near the council’s office b8ilng which is under conduction.

Mr. Simwaka said that the opening of a pub near the office premises is unfortunate as office work would be disrupte ny heavy musi.

“When I was in Nkhata-Bay I was failing to conduct meetings with people in my office because there were bars near the office. I came here to Mzimba. It shows that working in the new offices will be difficult. How is it possible for people to open a bar near the office? I wondered, Mr. Simwaka.

But some people in the district have advised the DC, as he is the controlling officer, to investigate the situation that led the person to be given a license to open a bar near the offices.

Executive Director for Communities in Development Activities (COIDA) Patrick Jonathan Mwale says.

“Here, the DC should sit down with the responsible officers who issued a pub business license. The complaint of the DC, who is the controlling officer, can be interpreted in different ways and can mean that there’s a problem somewhere. I understand the Department of Physical Planning must be involved in this,” said Mwale.

Mzimba District is one of the districts in the country where people just build randomly, regardless of having a physical planning office.

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